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I write everything in Markdown with ia Writer Pro on macOS and iOS. Its only drawback is no share sheet. Can you use existing automation tools to provide share-sheet functionality? I will be happy to pay you in dollars, or DW points, or jewelry, or donation to your charity of choice. 
On my iPad, I've got Draft, Workflows, and ia Writer. I want to select text in a variety of iOS apps and send it to ia Writer Pro as if there were an ia Writer share sheet. (Apps I use often include Safari, Chrome, iBooks, Kobo, KyBook 2, Libby, Instapaper) 
I already have an "open in IA Writer" action for Drafts. 
The tricky part is: can Workflows reach inside Drafts to trigger the "open in IA Writer" action?

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Date: 2017-09-02 08:19 pm (UTC)
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If Drafts supports share sheets - which it sounds like - you might be able to enable the share sheet using the 'more' button; otherwise my understanding is that you cannot mess with other apps in this way.

Otherwise, it might be worth requesting this feature - enabling share sheets - from the developer.

Cannot experiment right now, my phone is bricked. Aaaaaargh!

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