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Seasonally depressive gentlepeople of the northern* hemisphere, it is that time of the year.

Get out your light box. Dust it off. Make sure the bulbs doesn't flicker—if so, order a replacement. Determine where you will put your lightbox so it can be part of the earliest 30 minutes in your daily routine. While the Fall Equinox is a few days out, the smoke in the air and cloudy autumn skies mean less sunlight in our lives.

I've started mine, and it makes a big difference.

There's been recent research that even if you don't have seasonal depression, bright-light therapy can be an effective antidepressant --

JAMA Psychiatry January 2016, and they lowered the paywall for this article!

begin quote
ConclusionsLight treatment, whether in monotherapy or particularly in combination with fluoxetine, is efficacious and well tolerated in the treatment of nonseasonal MDD. The treatment effects were large and NNTs were clinically relevant. Further studies exploring mediators and moderators of response will be important.
quote ends

NNT = "numbers needed to treat," a concept I almost understand, but am unwilling to define myself because I'm shaky when it comes to statistics. Here's the UK's Center for Evidence-Based medicine's take on it:

(I know, they also support hateful treatments for people with ME/CFIS/SEID, but this explanation is about a fundamental tool of experimental science.)

*Excepting Antarctica, are there folks living in the Southern Hemisphere at latitudes so high they're also affected by SAD?
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