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...or, you don't have to Tumbl for the pretty.

Heads: Surrealist portrait sculptures made from found objects, memories and a fascination with medical imagery.

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Image description: Plaster cross section of human head: brain is a rainbow of dyed seeds; eyebrow is a string of spangles; eye is a compass; teeth are pills; tongue is plumb-bob; other (unknown) anatomy includes comb, jointed doll arm; hand-held postal scale; lead miner miniature; plastic seahorse; printed circuit board and seaglass.

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The Recipe by [personal profile] siderea
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There's a recipe. It's a recipe for maximally useful-for-engendering-virtual-community-LJ/DW-style. I'm not sure I have it exactly down yet -- this is the alpha version -- but I'm pretty sure that, contrary to a lot of LJ/DW users think, it goes something like this:

Recommended Minimum Weekly Posts by Type:
0.5 diary entry
3 pointers
0.5 bleg
0.25 op ed
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Please read the whole thing: it's encouraged me to post again!
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Best seen with a desktop computer:

[personal profile] sovay posts seven photos of hopeful, political flash-mob art in a NYC subway.
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In 2nd grade art class, we were tasked with "draw anything you like." I made an uppercase letter A. The teacher complained, "that isn't art." With my typical modesty, I claimed "Yes it is!"
happy rave about Jessica's work )
It's a free site that steps web-naive designers through enough HTML & CSS to understand initial constraints
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A few months back I began posting gratitudes. I'm still grateful a lot of the time; in fact I believe that I'm able to see the good all around me, even in the dimmest of days.

Which means I have hundreds of gratitudinal moments, not three. I don't want to let go of the hundreds, so I'm going to focus on other topics in my posts here.

Thank you for taking the trip with me. Knowing you were there improved the journey.

I'll leave you with an art object that's a continuing home for gratitude, MyGuy's birthday gift:

Five inch tall glass egg with one-fifth vertical slice cut to reveal a clear interior with one perfect bubble. Outside has peacock tail colors and pattern with matte AB surface )

Movie Time!

Aug. 7th, 2013 07:45 pm
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ETA: Forgot cut tags. Turns out they don't work the way I think they should anyway. Should I bother? Time for a poll.

There are amazing wonderful vids out there! I hear about some through political colleagues, and some through blogs, and some from just stumbling around. Feel free to drop links in comments (reminder: can't embed videos in DW comments).

Twenty seven summer 2013 interns at the American Association for People with Disabilities made a video meditating on the ADA's 23rd anniversary (open captions, audio description) )

POV, the documentary series for "films with a point of view" organized by the U.S. public broadcasting system, encouraged entrants to submit shorts a web-only contest. Two of these present nitty-gritty life with impairment
Grounded By Reality explores a day in the life of an artist and art teacher who has very little control over her body (closed captions, no audio description) )

Sound of Vision uses unusual film technique as it follows a blind man through his days. As is often the case when artists or developers create parallel accessible and non-accessible versions, the film submitted to the contest (where it won six prizes) diverged from the audio-described version. There's a lot of sudden black/white shift in the film, which was headache inducing, so here's the audio description track I preferred (although I think the description should be slightly softer than the film track):
Stream or download MP3 of Sound of Vision with audio description
In addition to those shorts, POV has broadcast many films related to disability. Check 'em out:

And of course when I think of people with disabilities I think about sex )

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