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I've been decidedly child-free since my first period. But I do love my dog! Bella loves us back.

She brings such enthusiasm to every encounter that I can't imagine tallying her favorite. Playing that deep strategy game "stick" is high on the list. I shot this video yesterday after she'd been running around the yard for at least 15 minutes straight.

That man is MyGuy. He picks up a stick and waves it in Bella's field of view.

Bella, a medium-size black dog with floppy prick ears, drops what she's doing. She leaps for and takes control of the stick, twirling about a bit.

MyGuy picks up the other stick, holds it out until Bella realizes, OMG! a STICK. She drops what she's doing, leaps for and takes control of the stick, twirling about a bit.

Repeat until exhausted.

eta: The password is "bella"

Use the password 'bella' to watch the vid )
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  • Cross-country on US Hwy 49, two-lane highway running through the centers of many small towns. We had to pause for wide loads and very wide loads, both trailers straddling the full roadway. Fortunately, no tractors.
  • Destination at 4:30, in time for clearing skies and a lovely sunset. Our little house is delightful! <grumpy>(Except the bed. No bed is as good as my bed.) </grumpy>
  • Bella was pleased by the fenced yard, but truly astounded by not just a squirrel house, but a weathered tree providing a squirrel apartment building.
  • MyGuy magically shopped & cooked an omelette. Then we all fell into bed and slept hard.
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This morning it was -5° F (-29° C) and Bella was surprised twice.

First she took her customary backyard excursion. She generally launches at full speed from the back door to race the fence line twice, then stake out the larger trees for squirrels, and then eliminate.

Today she sped out the door and screeched to a halt 3 meters away. She peed and pooped as quickly as possible and ran back in.

She then eagerly accepted her leash and was ready to go out the front door. She was so disappointed when the temperature out there was still that cold.

Because back door and front door are different, you see.

I guess it was time to change my default icon.

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The US's national dress-up holiday is the last day of October, Halloween. MyGuy will be staffing our front door with terrible1treats; Bella and I will be hiding in the darkened house of a friend.

Do you dress up on a particular day? What was your favorite costume?

In recognition of the day, for my bus ride & morning swim, I wore something rather silly looking )
  1. Tootsie rolls ↩︎

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I was supposed to post this before I left, so you're getting a wee bit of time travel. (Cut tags are the descriptions)

My lovely dog Bella:

Fuzzy black dog with red highlights looks up into the camera resting just below the edge of my flowered skirt )

A local movie fan creates a Little Free Library inside a replica camera:

Early manually-cranked film camera, double size, turned into a Little Free Library cabinet mounted on a tripod )

Two horrifying mushrooms around the corner. Some neighbors claim they are portobello, and thus edible. NO! Never eat anything bigger than your head!

Suburban ranch house on sloping lawn graced by two mushrooms bigger than a human head )

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50 lb dog with shiny black-brown fur, white stripe down her nose and prick ears poses like the Sphinx, with her rear legs folded and her front legs outstretched )

Bella has burrowed her way into our hearts. Last week the Underdog Rescue placed Bella in our care. We've enjoyed every moment of our time with her.

She's a remarkably lovely dog. She's a young adult, though we don't know her exact age. She herded all the children in her first Madison placement , so we suspect she's got some Border collie in the mix. Her fur looks black from a distance but up close it's a deep brown; so maybe there's some chocolate lab heritage. We're thrilled with how easy* she is:

  • She greets everyone with a wiggle and a kiss, genuinely pleased to meet new people and dogs.

  • Her fur is as soft as a rabbit's coat, and she's so soothing to pet.

  • She enjoys playing, walking, and sleeping equally.

  • When she sleeps, she emits comforting snores, snuffles, and wheezes.

  • She came to us already potty- and crate-trained

  • She already knows "sit," "no," "come," and "drop it." In less than 10 days she's well on her way to "down," "hupup," and "off."

Black dog 35in from nose to base of tail, lies on her back, all 4 paws in the air. Front two paws meet the outstretched palms of MyGuy, an older white fellow )
*: We assumed all dogs were challenging after 14 years with Teddy the Neurotic, then 15yrs with Lucy the Alpha Bitch.


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