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Seasonally depressive gentlepeople of the northern* hemisphere, it is that time of the year.

Things to check and why you want to use one )

Fiat Lux!

Mar. 13th, 2017 07:08 pm
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It's 7:08 Central Daylight Time. The ~4inches of snow are still reflecting brightly through our windows. I have survived another winter. Hooray. What's your favorite winter memory?
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For people with reading impairments, a crucial accommodation is text describing any meaningful visual information. In braille, it's mandatory. On the net, it's required by the US and WC3 accessibility standards.

You can attach this info to an image with HTML commands. But it's simpler to type it out in a paragraph before or after the image. Many people using slow internet or older feature phones turn off images to speed up loading, so text descriptions also serve these users.
I'm posting for two reasons:

1. I adore the comic and it has already changed how I think and speak. I had to write this description to post it and wanted to make the description available for others.

2. I want to encourage discussion, comments, criticism, suggestions on the utility and accuracy of this description. So comment and signal boost away!

[ profile] yaoxiaoart created this fabulous comic, and it was the #3 post on Austraddle for all 2015. For those of us with vision issues, slow net, or feature phones, I describe it here. The visual art is linked at the end.
#BAOPU15 Yao Xia from Autostraddle )
If you want to say thank you )

More great art at
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So back on Valentine's Day I talked up my new exercise-and-meditation routine. I embraced the possibility of strengthening my muscles, increasing my aerobic capacity, smoothing out my moods.

In the past two months I've realized not all are possible. One stroke forward, one stroke back, one nose full of choking chlorine )
Make those weasels laugh! I had tripped myself, yet again. But I also reset the timer for 21 minutes, and maybe I'll spend a year just enjoying the swimming as I'm doing it. Lose the aspirational nonsense for a while, let the pool be a place I go and let go, flow, float, flutter, and visit with my gym-sisters.
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Captain Awkward has now spread her wings and taken on a few collaborators. The blog continues to offer reliably helpful advice for living the awkward life. This includes very useful scripts for those of us who lose their words in a crisis. More gems: handling the normals when you’re mentally interesting. Also, relationships: the bad, the weird, the run-the-other-way-screaming, and the wonderful. My elevator description of the site and the awkward army is, “Mutual aid for people who can’t/don’t do therapy.”

Today’s contribution:
#450: How to tighten up your game at work when you’re depressed is by the Captain herself. It is stunningly helpful. It provides very specific details on how to present yourself -- in dress, in conversation, in work-assignments -- so as to “not be the person they want to fire.” For example:
begin quote ... I can help you (and maybe others who are in your same shoes) keep your job until you decide you don’t want it anymore, and if you can’t keep this one maybe this will help you keep the next one.

A lot of this stuff is literally THE hardest stuff to do when you’re feeling down. Because the principle behind this is antithetical to who we probably are as people, seeking genuine connections and genuine expressions of ourselves. The operating principle is: Appearances count at work. Sometimes more than the actual work does.

Is that fair? No.

Should a really intelligent good worker run into trouble because they are having at temporary bout of sads or meds re-adjustment or other big life stuff? No. quote ends


Cherokee rare-corn farmer Carl Barnes spent years isolating Native American corn varieties to save a lost heritage, ultimately preserving his glass gem corn seed.
Dried corn spirals on a cob in gem colors: saffire, topaz, garnet, iolite and emerald
Thanks to Saami photographer Neeta Inari for the photo and the story.

The Fan Art in Sherlock BBC is Blowing My Mind in the Best Possible Fashion
Why otters? Why hedgehogs? It started here with a sly photoset matching Benedict's expressions with a series of otters'and then spiralled out of control. Another Tumblr responded, then the actors involved found & l liked it. Yes the fourth wall has been smashed re: hedgehogs.

John/Otter in bathtub


Black&White drawing of a kiss that truly sent a thrill up my right ankle, capturing reality more truly than a photograph

If there’s really a Barista AU in every fandom, this collection of coast-to-coast U.S. Barista cant (jargon) will prove relevant to writers’ interests.
(I have read several in SGA, but welcome recs in any fandom. Even better than barista would be a tea shop AU in Sherlock)

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