jesse_the_k: Photo of female feet in piano keyboard socks in black patent leather flats (shoes are key)
I'm a shoe person. Up North I discovered why sensible people have been wandering around in thick socks and sandals for the last few decades.

It's wicked comfortable. Happy toes, feet that breathe, and yet cozy. I always wear compression hose: a lively pair of thin wool socks on top makes for heaven.

Do you wear socks & sandals? To what temperature? Even in the rain?
jesse_the_k: Well nourished white woman riding black Quantum 4400 powerchair off the right edge, chased by the word "powertool" (JK powertool)
Adaptations by Adrian makes outerwear designed for us. I've had two of their capes, and they're wonderful. The capes are custom made, so you can make sure they're short enough to clear your wheels or long enough to cover your back bag. details )
jesse_the_k: White girl with braids grinning under large Russian beaver hat (JK 10 happy hat)
I just filled one with summer hats, and reseeded the rack with my winter hats. It's such a thrill to see my lovely wool hats; I didn't realize how much I'd missed them.
Ho hi heee — what about a poll? )

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