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To minimize the damage if my credit card is compromised/hacked/stolen online, I maintain an only-online credit card with a very low limit. In the unfortunate event that it's stolen, there's not a lot of damage the thief could distribute.

This works particularly well because my credit union permits me to overpay the card if I need to buy something that's over its standard limit. So if I have to buy a plane ticket to New Zealand(1), I can transfer $2000 to the card and then charge.

For my everyday life, I have another credit card that's got a higher limit. I never use it online.

(1) I wish.
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I was terrified in the few days before the U.S. election. Anxious and cranky and blah. Woke up bolt upright at 2:30am, had to crawl the web to see weather it would be 2000 all over again — rigged voting, suppression, &c.

Relaxed a bit after, for a good 14 hours.

Now this "fiscal cliff" is hitting home for those of us with disabilities. Easter Seals (v old brand, which I could do without, but they do a lot for families affected by disability) set up this magic letter-writer for you to contact your members of Congress. Fill out your ID info, add some fighting word to their statement, click send. According to some of my electorally savvy friends, these messages do make a difference.

Unbelievable. On January 2, automatic budget cuts from Congress will slash programs helping people with disabilities: special education, employment resources, housing assistance and more. Nearly $1 billion will be cut from special education alone.

I know we've got to make some tough decisions about the budget, but we also have to must also work to protect services and supports for people with disabilities. If you agree, send a letter to your representatives now:

Millions of people with disabilities are counting on us to speak out against these devastating cuts. I hope you'll join me and stand up for families living with disabilities today!

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