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is "Future Tense," a collaboration between Arizona State University, the New America foundation and

The reports look at the impact of technology on society. They're piecse extend beyond the gee whiz to always consider technology's political impacts as well as social justice concerns.

What initially caught my eye is their sensible assistive tech reporting. No inspirational nonsense, no "this one gadget will change everyone's life!"
two samples that spoke to me )

I find their weekly newsletter handy, as it's got has just the right amount of teaser text plus links to the full stories.
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Having worked, lived & played with blind people, it's obvious to me that blindness doesn't on its own interfere with cooking, or exercise, or picking up dogshit.

This review of a K-Cup coffee maker (alert: autoplay audio)
doesn't answer the crucial question: why spend many bucks on this magic machine instead of a $3 Melitta filter cone, but it's an excellent demonstration of an equipment overview and review.


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