jesse_the_k: Flannery Lake is a mirror reflecting reds violets and blues at sunset (Rosy Rhinelander sunset)
The deep blue sky soothing my eyes as I recline in the pines.

Providing "sidewalk supervision" as MyGuy and BB remove the new dock in less than two hours (knocking three hours off the last time). Their work ethic is so well matched, they're a joy to admire.

Napping, napping, napping.

BB's perspective on how I've changed over the years (since I was 17!)
jesse_the_k: ACD Lucy holds two blue racketballs in her mouth, side by side; captioned "I did it!" (LUCY absurd success surprise)
  • The basic, eternal joys of Rhinelander: the clear cold lake ringed with conifers and birches. Eagles and loons and deer and (maybe) a cougar. Excellent, copious simple food. Constant reading except when we're napping or strolling around outdoors. MyGuy takes Lucy out on the rails-to-trails, where she frantically follows new smells. Barb and I (when awake) discuss what's happened the previous year, with commentary informed by our forty-year friendship.

  • Fate sent me a remission to coincide with my vacation! One day I walked in town, swam, and still was able to make dinner. This is more than twice what I'm accustomed to accomplishing, and I was truly thrilled. Just realized there was a direct pain/fatigue tradeoff. Still worth it.

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