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... is a Kickstarter-funded project that's almost over. I'm so lucky to be able to fund it.

Uncanny Magazine -- whose editors have personal relationships to disability -- picked up the mantle of "create a wonderful anthology themed by marginal creators" from Lightspeed.

Even if you can't contribute money, Uncanny is posting free essays from SF writers about the connection between SF and disability. The essays are wonderful, and I've learned something from every one of them.

I kept meaning to post a highlight entry, and wowza [personal profile] beatrice_otter has done it for me!

So, go read this post and read wonderful essays
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is "Future Tense," a collaboration between Arizona State University, the New America foundation and

The reports look at the impact of technology on society. They're piecse extend beyond the gee whiz to always consider technology's political impacts as well as social justice concerns.

What initially caught my eye is their sensible assistive tech reporting. No inspirational nonsense, no "this one gadget will change everyone's life!"
two samples that spoke to me )

I find their weekly newsletter handy, as it's got has just the right amount of teaser text plus links to the full stories.
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Mia Mingus has written another short, powerful essay on interacting with nondisabled people. She examines how we are forced into intimate interactions because we are disabled.
a taste )

It's challenging to maintain my self-confidence while experiencing the assumption that my boundaries don't exist, or don't count. Self-compassion meditation helps some. Snarkiness helps some.
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Swam two extra lengths on Wednesday, been going downhill since.

So nothing to post today, however, this true story about holding on to old, inept technology is so funny that you'd better visit the toilet first:
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Another reason I adore the podcast 99percent invisible is they publish several articles on their site between each audio release. This one is catnip to an infrastructure fan like myself:

It all clicked when researchers realized that unexpected materials they found in ancient concrete weren’t added ingredients — instead, a chemical reaction had created them in place. Components in the mix dissolved, interacted and changed, leaving new materials to crystallize in the gaps over the centuries. Today’s researchers working to create things like self-healing concrete may be able to draw lessons as they endeavor to create resilient structures and revise concrete mixes.

This could point the way to concrete without Portland cement, which might mean concrete without the huge energy burden.

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is another excellent meta-post from [personal profile] brainwane. Links to ~twenty think pieces on how we can hold each other accountable with as much love as we have for a better future.

And the comments are excellent.
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If you're any kind of dog person, check out [personal profile] luzula's fabulous photos of a recent dog sled adventure:
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In 2nd grade art class, we were tasked with "draw anything you like." I made an uppercase letter A. The teacher complained, "that isn't art." With my typical modesty, I claimed "Yes it is!"
happy rave about Jessica's work )
It's a free site that steps web-naive designers through enough HTML & CSS to understand initial constraints
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For people with reading impairments, a crucial accommodation is text describing any meaningful visual information. In braille, it's mandatory. On the net, it's required by the US and WC3 accessibility standards.

You can attach this info to an image with HTML commands. But it's simpler to type it out in a paragraph before or after the image. Many people using slow internet or older feature phones turn off images to speed up loading, so text descriptions also serve these users.
I'm posting for two reasons:

1. I adore the comic and it has already changed how I think and speak. I had to write this description to post it and wanted to make the description available for others.

2. I want to encourage discussion, comments, criticism, suggestions on the utility and accuracy of this description. So comment and signal boost away!

[ profile] yaoxiaoart created this fabulous comic, and it was the #3 post on Austraddle for all 2015. For those of us with vision issues, slow net, or feature phones, I describe it here. The visual art is linked at the end.
#BAOPU15 Yao Xia from Autostraddle )
If you want to say thank you )

More great art at
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I'm looking for a DVD/CD player which decodes the old-style, line 21, white-on-black closed captions. (Not the SDH subtitles chosen from a disk menu.) I've read rumors that the PS3 provides this feature. Run this simple test to confirm the rumor )
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I've been privileged to hear Mia Mingus speak three days in a row. Among other topics, she emphasized how important trust is in the relationship between organizer and community. earlier and later examples )

Here's an outstanding example of organizing through community service:
Tired of doing hair, don't know how, or don't have time? No Problem! We will do your baby's hair for free while they watch a movie and eat snacks.
Complete info:

Tell me about more effective service projects, which also increase community awareness of political issues.
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This time it's hosted at the highly knowledgeable journal of [personal profile] jadelennox

Dreamwidth Friending Meme, 2015 edition!

I just posted, at least 100 people there. Meet some new folks, find some new friends.

Join us many, we happy many, at the meme.
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Thank you davidgillon for pointing me to Malinda Lo's outstanding essay on "Perceptions of Diversity in Book Reviews" of professional (trade magazine) reviews of "Diverse YA" books. Sadly, she finds them generally lacking and oftentimes offensive, especially when any intersectional identity is dismissed as "unrealistic" and "too much" for a YA work.
juicy quotes )
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Michelle, the fat activist who blogs as the Fat Nutritionist, has decided to become a registered dietician. She's finished her schooling; now she's raising the money to serve a seven-month unpaid internship required to get certified.

She's already taught me so much about accepting my eating style, and letting go of the disordered eating I developed when I deleted gluten from my diet. I want folks everywhere to be able to communicate with a fat-positive, HAES-aware dietician, so I've dropped some coins in her bucket.

Check out her blog, and maybe you'll feel like donating as well.
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If you've studied abroad and you have a disability, this post is for you.

The U.S. Senate has so far refused to sign the global U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Senator Tom Harkin, a steady advocate for disability rights, has recorded this video to reassert his commitment to U.S. ratification of the CRPD and calls on the community to support the effort by sending in our stories.

Watch captioned video here )

Do you have a disability and have had difficulty studying or traveling abroad? Did you go abroad for work or school and find challenges when you arrived? Were you unable to go because of your disability?

Your story could help our work towards ratifying the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities -- by putting a FACE to why it is important! The CRPD is an international human rights treaty, modeled after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and has been ratified by 145 countries. With your help, we hope to make the U.S. #146! If you have a story, please share it at

You can also share your support of CRPD on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #selfie #CRPD!
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Mr Coates calmly and coherently lays out where the President and First Lady have failed in addressing African-American institutions (it's commencement address season)

How the Obama Administration Talks to Black America
"Convenient race-talk" from a president who ought to know better
at The Atlantic

begin quote  But I also think that some day historians will pore over his many speeches to black audiences. They will see a president who sought to hold black people accountable for their communities, but was disdainful of those who looked at him and sought the same. And then they will match that rhetoric of individual responsibility with the aggression the administration showed to bail out the banks, and the timidity they showed in addressing a foreclosure crisis which devastated black America (again.) And they will match the rhetoric with an administration whose efforts against housing segregation have been run of the mill. And they will match the talk of the importance of black fathers with the paradox of a president who smoked marijuana in his youth but continued a drug-war which daily wrecks the lives of black men. I think those historians will see a discomfiting pattern of convenient race-talk. quote ends
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I often rave about Dave Hingsburger, a long-time disability rights advocate whose piercing insight is wrapped round with profound love and hope, on display daily at his blog, Rolling Around in My Head.

Today, he's talking about sharing with his niece. As per usual, several lessons learned, many laughs guffawed:
begin quote  [... snip ...] When I finished the story, I told her how proud I was of her that day, she was so kind and so generous to her sister. That's the way sisters should treat sisters.

Once I was done she said, "I know what you are doing."

I was caught. CAUGHT!! quote ends
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The worst things for sale

Very weird things + snark. For when your day job is getting you down and the room is sound-proofed.
begin quote [photo eliminated by JK to ensure WSity] It’s a plastic gun, shaped like a naked woman, but instead of a head she has an enormous erect penis, and it’s full of butane and you use it to light a cigarette.

I was hoping the customer reviews would say that if you flip it over, it vomits diarrhea and yells “TOUCH MY BUTT” through a little speaker, but no, it’s just two different guys who bought it and were surprised that it didn’t work. quote ends

The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things blog

Centuries of art exploring the monstrous human, respectful discussion, utter WTFery, and as [personal profile] kestrel says, fodder for a thousand SF stories.
begin quote In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the preserved skins of exotic animals from faraway lands were brought back to Europe by explorers. The hides would be handed over to taxidermists whose job it was to prepare them for display by stuffing the skins and giving them a life-like appearance. However, the taxidermists often just had to guess at the shape and appearance of these unfamiliar animals based on crude sketches and descriptions, resulting in grotesque physical distortions which would appear unsettling to the modern eye. (See this article on bad taxidermy on the fantastic Ravishing Beasts blog).

James Lomax’s Untitled [Me and My Friend] (2011) disturbs and captivates me in the same way that this kind of grotesque taxidermy does. Created as a haunting tribute to a close friend who passed away in tragic circumstances, the work is comprised of two latex casts of the artist’s body. The perpetually distorted figures inflate and deflate at random intervals, giving them an unpredictable life and death cycle accompanied by the menacing mechanical scream of the inflation device. Like the distorted animal skins, James’ deflated bodies are re-animated into bizarre caricatures of their former selves, reshaped into an uncomfortable state between living and dead. quote ends

I was about to research a third great link, but [personal profile] sasha_feather told me I don't need three so I'm posting now. (Also told me I didn't need a cut so I'm not editing to add one.) We have tons of fun on my couch when we're writing Serious Essays.

ETA: Here's that third great link because it's so good:

Frustrations of an Asian-American Whedonite by Michael Le at Racialicious. He got up at SDCC and asked Joss Whedon the question so many of us have wondered about:
begin quote One of the things I loved about Firefly was the exploration of the fusion of Asian and American cultures. Many Asian Americans go through a similar journey. I was wondering, if you were to explore that again in the future, if you would be willing to include Asian or Asian American performers? quote ends
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is a blog cocreated by Laura Toby Edison & Debbie Notkin. It is always a great read. But this piece on Vagina Drama and Why It Matters just amazing. They not only explain why the one-day suppression of a Michigan legislator's privileges is wrong, they give a history of the word-in-question, and make several excellent smutty jokes.

Read it and dance. Go forth and spread the joy!

ETA because to get the name of the blog right.

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