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Are available from Jill Wiseman

I downloaded a couple to take up north with me when I disappear at the end of the week until September.
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Spent great day with Sasha-feather

Made beet root/sweet potato/kale/onion chicken curry soup with yogurt. So tasty i got to eat the whole pot!

Watched a delightful educational video on YouTube. I'm on mobile so I can't embed*
But the animation is stellar, the narration Oh So British, the captions excellent, and I actually learned something!

Also finished a six-hour BET/CBC coproduction "The Book of Negroes." Watch for free on the CBC site if you're in Canada; currently on HULU in the US. Beautifully filmed. More on the substance anon.

Revised my site style/layout -- again.

*That is, YT won't offer the full embed code, even when I request desktop site. is there a trick I'm missing?
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WisCon 41 was great. I got a few chances to use the scripts you provided but mostly it was celebratory. I am able to sit up, think, move around fairly easily the next day, which represents such a lovely change. I got to see many annual friends and make some news ones.

And I have notes and will be trickling those out soon.

But in the meantime run and watch this amazing vid by [personal profile] eruthros

Title: Building a Body
Fandom: Automata
Song: Poor Atlas by Dessa
Length: 1:48
Contains: Institutionalized violence against robots, reference to robot sex slaves, flickering light (campfire).

It's ethereal, it's beautiful, it makes me think about bodies.
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Thanks to an [personal profile] umadoshi link spam, I’ve just learned about Andrius Burba, a very talented photographer.

He creates a five-foot-square portable studio (great lights, black cloth) that’s topped with a frequently-cleaned plate of glass.

the results are remarkable )
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As my icons show, I'm a dog lover. This 12-minute video features an adorable mutt named Martin. He's played by a ~40 pound hound mix with expressive ears named Sadie. The video comprises seven brief episodes on topics of deep concern to Martin, including: Friendship, Walking, Driving and One Good Thing. The voice you hear is Martin's; the video's creators expertly manipulate the dog's mouth so I totally buy he's saying those things. To prove that the world is upside down, this web series is being transformed into an actual TV show on ABC (US) in May.
video includes dog illness, but no death )
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The weather is delightful: on the low side of 70°F, with constant gentle breezes. I welcome the partly cloudy skies, as full sun down here burns me in a New-York minute.

Our little house is in one of the oldest parts of town, but the dwellings are so modest that it hasn't been gentrified. Next-door is condemned & they're living in their garage.

I rolled to a Farmer's Market — tragically no fresh greens, but OMG fresh pralines, a novelty almost as delicious as chocolate. (Butter, cream, pecans, sugar.) The sidewalks are just wide enough for my chair, around 36in. They've done an excellent job maintaining flatness considering the wealth of old, rooted trees. There was only one place I got airborne.

Late lunch at a pho restaurant called Pho. Tasty but not cosmic.

There's a concrete beach walk — around 25 yards from the low-tide line. After a suitable post-prandial nap, I was able to use my rolling walker for a stroll down to the "harbor" (a channel cut in to maximize water access).

Here's a Google beach view where I started:,-88.829476,3a,75y,91.02h,78.49t,357.76r/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1suV0Ps7oUw_Kir2No5w0ebQ!2e0!3e2!7i13312!8i6656

We had more clouds so more colors in our sunset appreciation, but this time-lapse provides a taste: described sunset video shot looking SSW )

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In summer and winter every year, the [ profile] holmestice community hosts a fanworks exchange. Many dreamers and scholars claim Sherlock as the founding stone of modern fandom, since these works have been redone and remixed all over the globe for so many years.

This year a brilliant vidder [ETA it was [personal profile] sanguinity JK] created

Something Good Will Come From That

[ETA: is the original post, and there's on the Archive so it's never lost to posterity. JK]

featuring one hundred years of Sherlock Holmes fandoms set to a bouncy dance tune from the 1920s.

If anyone ever asks you, "so what's with the vids?" you now have the perfect bookends:
This one to start, and Lim's canonical multifandom US to introduce the vidding of now.
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This surrealist and psychedelic video features photographic scenes of South China invaded by fierce transformative spaceships, self-propelled dragon kites and maybe-sentient balloons. The original music combines drunken vocals, Chinese lute, and EDM. I felt delightfully wrong-footed, disconnected from space and time.

(No captions needed; if you can describe this plotless shiny video in comments, go for it!)

Bei Hai / 北海‬ (animation Rob Jabbaz. music Howie Lee) from Rob Jabbaz on Vimeo. has more animations.
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...we have spent altogether too many hours juggling AV boxes. Now all caption formats viewable on our HDTV )

I have discovered how to increase my glee and reduce my anxiety. free my brain by doing healthwork first )

I started a good book (or at least, its first 60 pages meet that criterion). Not on Fire But Burning )

MyGuy found a beautiful, framed 1800 print of an iris at Goodwill this morning.

More news as it happens; maybe politics next time.

What's your favorite thing right now?
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If you like thinking about vids, or movies, or TV, or anime ...

Hie thee immediately to "Every Frame a Painting," [ profile] tonyszhou's marvelous YouTube series. Each captioned episode explores how moving-image directors do their jobs: how they handle setting, or a focus on a particular director, or why Vancouver never plays itself. YouTube embed here )
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Fabulous audio, remarkable videowithin )

Fabulous photos, no text
Amazing ice created by the Lake Ontario/shore tree interface; four more beauties when you click through
Tree of icE

Fabulous photos, horrible textbehind )

Small steps to climb the posting mountain
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I'm in love! and here's why: This fabulous captioned video. Its message is vital: a way to rethink our approach to sex.
clicky for the deets )

I can't imagine a better way to spend six minutes.
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We've been using a hodge-podge of modern and "classic" technology for AV and it died. )

Anyone reading interested in guiding me through this decision, or pointing me to a helpful user-run forum where these issues are discussed?
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Recently read
I finished MAD AT SCHOOL by Margaret Price. It's outstanding. Yes the language is pitched a couple feet over my educational level, but worth it. Among the nifty ideas:
  • "Mental disability" as a label for people currently tabbed as "mentally ill" and "cognitively disabled." Price argues that the level of disdain and prejudice is the same; that general expectactions are similarly thin; and that an academy founded on rationality exhibits equal confusion as to why people with mental disabilities matter, much less belong in those hallowed halls.

  • Very detailed deconstruction of the "mentally ill mass shooter" stereotype, with scores of useful references. Also lots of disheartening detail as to how the ongoing "security theater" is connected to the academy via prevention of mass shootings. An excellent avenue for further research is why campus rape — a definite, long-standing problem — is not seen as a scourge worth concerted action, and is certainly not receiving $100,000 grants.

Some Fabulous Sherlock (BBC) Fanfic
Many writers explore John and Sherlock’s close relationship without the slash goggles. Sometimes Sherlock is asexual; sometimes they are like brothers; sometimes they develop a demi-sexual relationship. These variations are speak to me particularly as the partner in a thirty-six year relationship.
Four fics, from short to medium, when you click )

Currently Reading
Pebbles on the Hill of a Scientist by Florence Barbara Seibert
Encountered this scientist’s name in passing, and was (foolishly) surprised to learn a woman got her PhD in biochemistry in 1923. Turns out she was surrounded by female doctorates in both high school and Goucher College. She goes on to discovered the crucial difference between boiled and distilled water; the skin test for TB; and a host of other TB-related details which await me. She survived polio as an infant and turned to lab work because she couldn’t see herself undertaking the physicality of an MD. This autobiography was self-published in her retirement: it’s full of intriguing detail, as well as artless writing conforming to a dull pattern quite unlike Seibert’s lively explorations of science and education.

Reading Next
I thought I’d be reading Far from the Tree but the library edition was too heavy for me to hold. I’ve got it as an ebook so I’ll turn my attention back to paper for now. So the next book will be Carole Nelson Douglas’ Good Night, Mr Holmes. A proper parson’s daughter narrates the adventures of that most capable detective and opera singer Irene Adler. A published ACD-canon AU, eight books in all! I hope it’s a tasty counterpoint to the terrible way Adler’s handled in Sherlock (BBC).

Finally, this gorgeous animated vid by PES has been nominated for an Oscar! From YouTube to the Academy! No caps, no need: ambient sound only.
It demonstrates making guacamole, but substitutes similar yet ridiculous shapes. That is: avocado is a hand grenade; onions are dice; peppers are lightbulbs )TRAGICALLY THE VIDEO HAS DISAPPEARED FROM THE NETS :(
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I still don't get Tumblr. It's like very modern conceptual art. I can't imagine contributing. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. Case in point: Highly curated, highly wonderful collection of Sherlock (all flavors) animated GIFs:

who is also available with outstanding recs right here at [personal profile] krytella.
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First, the moving version

Sherlock (BBC) fandom, gen (no pairing) fanvid
Oh No!
An exceptionally appropriate song from Marina & The Diamonds, a zippy, beautifully edited gift from [ profile] skeletree

Now, the macro photo/caption version

A meditation on ebooks, print books, phones, and how we compulsively define our relationships with them is told completely through pictures on this Tumblr:

For those of us on cell phones or slow net service or no vision, my description under this cut. )
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Kevin Gotkin, a Phd student in Disability Studies, made the half-hour film, "The Rupture Sometimes." Watch it on YouTube, with subtitles and audio description. He interviews half-a-dozen people at a disability studies conference on movement and inclusion. (Promoting the movie on a Disability Studies listerv, he referred to those interviewed as "planets in disability studies." That decentering of attention from the star to the planet is one of the film's themes.)

Gotkin says at one point:
begin quote Disability is, in some sense, a useless term, because it fails to make meaningful distinctions between types of experience. the world economy is as likely to be disabled as someone who uses a wheelchair. So it's odd, then, when we talk about disability, we often swing between extremes, where disability is often profound and total or widespread and infinitely regressed. quote ends

After two times through I understood most of the ideas. I was struck by the glaring Whiteness of those interviewed. Here's the video — click to start.

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John in empty rooms with empty faces. An excellent post-Reichenbach constructed-reality vid to Vienna Tang’s 1BR/1BA ... but title is Sherlocked to be 22)1BR/1BA. . [ profile] purplefringe matches the violins in the music to that tall violinist in canon, and I couldn’t watch without crying.
Made by [ profile] jmoriartyx aka Whitney. The scary approach/avoidance relationship between Sherlock and Moriarity set to the catchiest damn song of this summer, Call me maybe. Expert, AMV-level lip-synching.
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Wow! I really liked Far North (2007).

CAUTION: This is a horror movie: in addition to detailed animal slaughter, there are rapidly freezing rivers of blood, and a realistic rape. I usually loathe horror movies, but this was so anchored in the beautiful landscape I was charmed.

It's available on Netflix DVD, and for sale at all your favorite media outlets. There are lots of pictures to give you a feel for the stunning landscape: here at lead star Michelle Yeoh's fansite.

No captions in the following trailer; no caption nor subtitles in the movie; very little dialogue in the movie. (Most people speak in tight close-up; I only needed to rewind a dozen times.)

Shot above the arctic circle in Svalbard, Norway, two women occupy a stark landscape: Michelle Yeoh (the elder) and Michelle Krusiec (the younger). The cinematography and landscape are stunning: a full year of snowfields, glaciers, crevasses, tundra, moonlight, snowlight, and the Aurora Borealis. I didn't realize snow and ice could be all those colors! Music used very sparingly. I consulted with [personal profile] laceblade and we agreed that the actors spoke so little we lacked the data to assess Far North on the Bechdel Test. Are the two mother and daughter? lovers? strangers thrown together forced to share every resource, including patience, love and annoyance?

Eventually Loki, a white guy with generic Euro-accent stumbles in to their lives. (I don't think he's supposed to be a human incarnation of the Norse God of Trickery, but maybe I’m not deep enough.) Sean Bean does a good job of disappearing behind a beard and frostbitten cheeks in this role. The women welcome a fresh face, resent having to share and teach the interloper, and eventually engage in a very dangerous battle for Loki, which doesn’t end well. The ending is as graphic as the up-close hunting and skinning of seals, reindeer and other scarce wildlife.

Director Asif Kapadia read the Sara Maitland short story “True North,” inhaled its atmosphere, and brings it beautifully to life. (My library also lent me the 1996 Maitland short-story collection Angel Maker. Although I love Maitland’s matter-of-fact new weird mixed with 20th century Jane Austen, I think the movie is the greater piece of art.)

Maitland’s story evokes an archetypical north, with no specific cultural signifiers. Kapadia recognized that in a visual medium, there must be some heritage visible: he chose Sami (f/k/a Laplanders), the indigenous people of Scandinavia, near his northern shooting location. Both female leads have Asian faces; Sean the Interloper is believably white; the reindeer herders look like any of the peoples in the Arctic Circle. There’s an inexplicable influx of Russians who play the Unambiguously Bad Guys. (Is this during World War II? Did they wander through from Finland? Hey, the movie ain't perfect.)

After you're creeped out from FAR NORTH on DVD, I do commend the "extra" features. Unlike most, these convey interesting info. In particularly, all the "life on the ice" scenes were shot on the ice. One gets a different appreciation for the "cuddle for warmth" trope when you realize all the goosebumps on the actors' lovely limbs are genuine.

If you’re feeling oppressed by local heat, this movie will make you feel cooler. If you’re feeling oppressed by local cold, this movie will make you feel better.
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Our current home entertainment system is cobbled from three decades worth of high tech, and the edges are starting to fray. Right now I have almost a dozen individual pieces, and I'd like to downsize in replacemnt. All the streaming gizmos -- Apple TV, Roku, Boxee -- do some of what I want.

My Ideal Magic Box would
bring internet in on coaxial cable
provide internet programming to the HDTV via Ethernet
create a wifi signal for the house
play music CDs and DVDs (Bluray if it's required)
provide an over-the-air FM/AM tuner
connect to a bunch of speakers

How come the sort of tools I found at Netflix "streaming hardware list" never include a wi-fi router?

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