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Thursday morning I joined [personal profile] emceeaich and [personal profile] cynthia1960 for a leisurely breakfast at the Concourse. Delicious and tasty company. I then hung around aimlessly watching folks arrive. Nodding at folks whose faces have by now grown familiar. Snuggling with some of my annual pals.

Eventually, I rolled into my room and crashed.

Friday morning: Meal #2 at an amazing food cart -- El Grito Taqueria. Yes, pulled pork & pulled chicken make a lovely breakfast.

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WisCon 41 was great. I got a few chances to use the scripts you provided but mostly it was celebratory. I am able to sit up, think, move around fairly easily the next day, which represents such a lovely change. I got to see many annual friends and make some news ones.

And I have notes and will be trickling those out soon.

But in the meantime run and watch this amazing vid by [personal profile] eruthros

Title: Building a Body
Fandom: Automata
Song: Poor Atlas by Dessa
Length: 1:48
Contains: Institutionalized violence against robots, reference to robot sex slaves, flickering light (campfire).

It's ethereal, it's beautiful, it makes me think about bodies.
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Hello there! Anything you write in a reply to this magic post will only be visible to you and me.

I'll be panelling 9:45 to 11:30 on Saturday, otherwise my schedule is open.

Let's make a plan!

If you want to contact me during the con, you can also direct-message me on Twitter [ profile] jesse_the_k

I look quite a lot like my icon, but tragically no Bella at the hotel.

See you there!
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Found three nifty resources as I was preparing for my WisCon panel (NEXT WEEK!)

Beyond the Fix or How Do I Live this F*ing Life?
10am Saturday in C5 second floor
virtually #BeyondTheFix on Twitter

I’m thrilled about these rockstar panelists:
Elena Tabachnick (M), Kate Carey, Shayla Dunn, and Lenore Jean Jones1

Full WisCon Schedule:

check out Jess Jacobs, Insickness Podcast, and Fully Sick )

WisCon 41

Apr. 30th, 2017 12:49 pm
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Yep, I'm going. Last year was the best one ever, so I'm taking a chance...

I'm also on one panel:

Beyond the Fix or How Do I Live this F***ing Life?
Sat, 10:00–11:15 am
Conference 5

M: R. Elena Tabachnick; Shayla D, Lenore Jean Jones, Jesse the K

When you know there's no fix, your disability's never getting better, might get worse, and acceptance is the only possibility, it's time to share (aka vent). On this panel, we'll air our pet grievances, exchange survival strategies, and discuss the challenges—both surprising and predictable—of life with disability. We'll also share stories we've used to keep going.

I'm always eager to meet first-timers, and of course I'm thrilled to see my con-pals. I'll be at the hotel & therefore available for most any occasion.
jesse_the_k: White girl with braids grinning under large Russian beaver hat (JK 10 happy hat) will be a while longer.

Luckily, I went to WisCon panels that also interested [personal profile] firecat and [ profile] sophy, who provide excellent notes.

One of firecat's

All of sophy's

I had many thoughts, and I hope to capture them. But in summary: this was the best WisCon I've ever attended.
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Home from a lovely WisCon 40 …with

  • detailed panel notes
  • enlightening chats with old friends
  • hazy memories of chats with new folks
  • fist-bumps with all folks
  • joyous spreading of gifts in the con suite
  • and only one shoulder squeeze

I actually stayed up until 1:30am today, which is highly irregular. I’m feeling droopy but not brain rotten. (Hope this psychic warm front continues; I’m not manic yet.)

More to come.

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I’m looking forward to meeting new folks and catching up with you. I want to prevent any other person from the loneliness and befuddlement I felt at my first two WisCons. I like talking to strangers and I’d be tickled to serve as a first-timer guide.

I noped out of all volunteering, so my time is free between 8:30am and 9:30pm. I live in town, so if you're early or late to the con, I'd be happy to meet then.

If you prefer low-key, in my hotel room, the K Café will serve many varieties of tea. I’m also happy to share time indoors or out, stroll the city, hide in the Capitol, or gawk at the construction surrounding the hotel.

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I attended the two parts of the con I never have enough time for when I'm going to programming: the Art Show and the Dealers' Room. I had a wonderful chance to catch up with some of my WisCon besties, from the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains, and darkest London.

Thank heavens for [ profile] tahliaday Not only does she create beautiful, dreamy, scary watercolors "Uncharted territories from another reality", she also coordinated the WisCon Art Show this year. The art was lovely, as always, but the layout completely changed. She opened up the space so that there was room to contemplate each piece. A dozen people could be in the show and move around freely. It was a masterpiece of accessible design, and it made all art show visitors very happy.

All the WisCon 39 concom, please take a bow. Peruse the list of more than 70 names, volunteers all. They coordinated and planned and lugged boxes and created press releases and monitored safety and wrangled programs and made it all happen. Some folks predicted the year of succession would be rocky, but I was impressed by how smoothly things ran. Sure, there were ocassional glitches, but mostly I've heard great reports from all around. HOORAY!
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I said much of this earlier on were_duck's great friending meme, and if you haven't checked that out yet it's a treasure trove!

I'm [personal profile] jesse_the_k and I'm a woman. many more details )

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Yet another fandom community service from the hard-working flippers of were_duck. Check out the many first-timers posting in the <WisCon Friending Meme. I'm there because I never miss a chance to talk about myself.

Great meal last night which included three times as much dairy as I'm accustomed to, and I feel like a melted cheese curd on asphalt today. Took two hour naps between breakfast and lunch.

Doc RXed me some Voltaren Gel diclofenac sodium 1% and maybe my hands won't hurt so much! Whee!
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While swimming and riding endlessly on paratransit, I've come up with some loose ideas for panels, and I know you can improve them. I welcome discussion, amendations, and improvements, that won't work! if you tell me why, and any other thoughts which come to mind. If you think you could design a better suggestion around my kernels go right ahead! WisCon programming is a collective, democratic process. Programming submission ends January 26th. You don't have to be registered to play.

I've placed each possible submission in its own thread, click the titles to jump there:
Genetic memory: past and future
Five Minutes Inside My Brain
1001 Things You Don't Know About Sheherazade
Designing Ethical Oversight
The Real Faces of Medieval Europe
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Many thanks to [personal profile] jjhunter, who's hosting a thrilling words and deeds love meme. Standard love memes make me nervous: why would I be appreciated for who I am? I can, however, handle praise for what I've done. (Mayhaps the former unease brought to me by lack of parental approval?) At any rate, my name's on the list.
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My WisCon37 was truly delightful. I sat on panels, I attended panels, I was a stand-up comic, of sorts, on a panel. I visited with old friends, I met with con-only friends, I had a wonderful time talking with folks i hope will be friends next time.

I am drafting a panel report -- in my sleep.

I am so sleepy that I have been dreaming that I'm sleeping. (If only I got twice the rest from a dreamed-of-sleep sleep.)

Be right back, after this nap.
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Well then. The deadline for programming submissions is Saturday! Saturday! Saturday as in day-after-tomorrow. I have some sketchy ideas which need fleshing out. Open up your brain and let the thoughts pour out.

Each idea has its own thread. I've got sketches — WisCon need 800-character submissions.

ETA all threads frozen, all ideas submitted, thank you very much for playing!
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Still closing in on the writing deadline, still hating every minute of it.

Having read glowing reports on the Olympics opening ceremony, I did some Googling on how to let the BBC I-Player know that I'm actually visiting their site from the UK.

TunnelBear is a VPN utility (Windows/Mac) with exactly two settings: "on/off" and "US/UK". In other words, I didn't need to know squat about VPN to use it, and that's very fine. Free download; free use up to 500 MB/month (or 1 Gig if you Twitter about it); unlimited for US$5/month. Worked a treat!

So when I wasn't writing today I got to view the opening ceremony, which was delightful. If TV ain't your thing (I didn't see how to set captions on the I-Player), there's a parallel literary experience from the ceremony's designers, aimed at non-British journalists, the folks who won't know Isambard Kingdom Brunel from J.K.Rowling.
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Boston-area librarian, also SF and comics enthusiast, working at "HUL", ponders the details of tattooing his personal call number on his spine.

Worth a look, as Tara the Internet Librarian used to say.

Am actually beginning to recover from WisCon. At this rate, I will be capable of joining a party with 950 of my closest friends in around one year.

Any readers have wisdom on region free (aka region 0) DVD players?
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My Mac's back, but I'm not taking it to the con — continue contact via Twitter.

I know I've a remarkably large number of medievalistson my Droll, who might be interested in this exploration of "Diversity in Medievalism."

The very best possible eclipse plus Golden Gate bridge photo

While backstroking with moxie in the pool this AM I bonked my head on the concrete wall. All I know from concussion I learned from fanfic. I did check Dr Google and know to expect headache, visual problems, and sleepiness.

If my pupils dilate asymmetrically or I start babbling more than usual, do let me know

I'm molto excited about WisCon, and this one in particular.
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My Mac went paws-up on Sunday, so this is a drive-by post. I detail some "interacting with Jesse without setting fire to her body" tips in last year's WisCon post. (The panels listed there are in the dim past, of course.)

I'm at the hotel, but without email. Twitter DMs to @Jesse_the_K will ping my phone. My phone number is in my profile info here at Dreamwidth. Also, use the magic bulletin board on 2nd floor, next to the craft supplies table.

My panels are:

How to Make WisCon Affordable
Sun, 2:30–3:45 pm -- Senate A
WisCon is an empowering event, and more people should get to participate. But journeying to Madison, finding a place to stay, and affording membership are all difficult, much less being able to buy a dessert ticket. How have we been able to make it affordable for ourselves? In what ways could WisCon become more accessible for poor people?

Not Everyone Lives in the Future
Mon, 10:00–11:15 am -- Room 623
Technology has an undeniably transformative effect on our lives and it is worth examining who has access to those effects. Geeks are generally very engaged with technology and it is easy to assume that the Internet, cell phones, computers, etc. are a given in everyone's lives. However, there are large communities where technological access is not at the level that geeks take for granted. How does lack of access to technology impede communities' ability to prosper? How can geeks help to make technology more available to communities that may benefit from them? Are these transformative effects even desirable? What are good examples of SF that highlight or problematize this issue?

I will be on the "Not another *&^%$ Disability Panel" next year.


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