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I looked back on my journal — ten years now — and realized that I always fall into a posting hole post-WisCon. I intend to post about what happened and then don't, because WisCon generates so many complex feelings. Then I feel like I can't post about other stuff until I get the WisCon posts up, and then it's November and I can start posting again.

So, I promise no WisCon posts (which means I might actually write some) and an update on my current goings-on.

The weather is generally hateful. When it's hotter than 75° I avoid walking outside, as I'm more likely to faint in hot weather. I use my chair, but only when I'm traveling from one air-conditioned place to another.

So I mainly enjoy summer through the windows. Woe is me. At least I have a treadmill so I don't have to mall-walk, which I find the most depressing thing ever.

Bella continues to be adorable, while still letting go of her previous situation, 18 months after we adopted her. Now she's trying to "get away with things," something she was too cowed to even try for the first year. Here's an example.

We've trained her that a small towel is always an OK place to be, and we use that towel to give her temporary permission to sit on the furniture with us. Last week,

[personal profile] sasha_feather sat on the couch, and Bella rested her head to get ear scritches. Then she wiggled her left paw on Sandy's right thigh and right paw on left thigh. Then she somehow managed to get all the way up, with two paws on each of Sandy's legs. Technically in compliance, that dog.

A 16-week old puppy came for a visit, and Bella was so kind to her. She clearly wanted to do her standard chest-bump-snarl-run-resume cycle, but she delicately tested out each movement to see how the pup reacted.

this space would have some lovely pix, but I can't figure out how to upload them directly to DW. Whether I'm in HTML or rich text editor, clicking the image button prompts for a URL. 

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