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Will wonders never cease?

I just contributed original content to a Tumblr post. The post is full of graphics, which I am too lazy to describe, so I winnowed it down to two paragraphs. Here's a tl;dr on eliminating things you don't want to read from your Archive of Our Own searches.

begin quote
The "SORT and FILTER panel" contains a "Search within results." When you preface a keyword there with a minus sign, then fics with that keyword are eliminated from your search.



hides any fics tagged "dubcon"

To filter out a phrase, enclose it within quotes.

-"pretend relationship"

filters out fics tagged “pretend relationship”
quote ends

Credit goes to [ profile] sherrinfordeductions, [ profile] stucky-ficrecs, and most of all to the fabulous weekly fandom overview, "The Rec Center" by Elizabeth Minkel [ profile] elizabethminkel and Gavia Baker-Whitelaw [ profile] Hello_Tailor.

Sign up for their newsletter here:

For completists and another way to code filters
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