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Clearly I don't work at the Daily Mail, because I'd have a better headline. That proven, here's a hella long paragraph:

Google told me The Times (London) had a juicy story about the Journal of Health Psychology slagging off some of its board members when they published a full issue pounding the inaccuracy of the PACE study that's victimized folks sick with CFS/ME (officially renamed "systemic exertion intolerance disease" by the US Institute of Medicine but nobody seems to have noticed).

But that's behind a paywall--happily the Mail will sling its invective for free:

Providing context, the Mail feels the need to include two explainers: "What's the disease" and "What's a Trotskyite."

I am old.
is the intro to the special issue of the journal, with actual science, but behind another paywall

I'm not making light of the underlying issue. I've been sick since 1988, I know the PACE trial is evil, it just amuses me what my unedited brain creates.

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