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LeKesha, at the group blog Black Girl Nerds, meditates on the talents and mental illness of the marvelous Nina Simone:

“So what I learned from Nina and what I continue to learn is that there is space in all of our movements and our history for each of our unique offerings. And now that we know disorders have names and that they aren’t all just artistic eccentricities, we can drop the romance of madness. Instead, we would do better in noting how far into or out of darkness an afflicted artist has to go to make their art. In understanding my own diagnoses, I have a better appreciation for the times Nina Simone had to fight herself in order to leave the legacy we all adore. What I appreciate most, however, is the promise presented by her life that mental illness is not a disqualifier for living an impactful existence.”

Things I Learned from Nina Simone - Black Girl Nerds

And if you haven't heard Nina Simone, here's an intro to her songwriting & performing wonders:


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