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2019-01-23 05:43 pm
jesse_the_k: Words "Icon Love" with wings, acid rock 60s style (icon love)
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...is one of my favorites!

How it works: reply with "Oh! Shiny" and I'll choose three of your icons. Tell me about them: where they came from, what they mean to you, and/or when you deploy them. Drop a link here to your post in your own journal. Spread it around.

[personal profile] ironymaiden asked me about:

"green beans"

It's an overhead view of a Japanese ceramic bowl in shades of white and blue, holding around 20 cooked green beans. I took the picture and made the icon in Mac Preview by cropping it to 100x100 and saving it as PNG. Moral: icons can be easy.

described in entry

I love this style of pottery, and use it when I want to really appreciate what I'm eating. MyGuy makes delicious green beans—surrounded by masses of slivered garlic and nuked to al dente. It's one of my favorite cold snacks.

I deploy this icon when I'm talking about food, or happiness.

"Medieval proofreader"

Icon by [community profile] oraclegreen. It appears to be cropped from an actual marginal medieval illustration. It's the church lectern, with a person of indeterminate gender in a lively blue robe looking at something.

described in entry

I've been an enthusiastic calligrapher most of my life, thanks to learning Johnston's foundational bookhand instead of that loopy Palmer script. (I started playing with Letraset rub-down lettering in sixth grade, and was deliriously happy when I worked setting type back in the early 80s.) I'm cursed with a great eye for typos (except in my own work, of course). I've noticed misspelled words on billboards while zooming past at 60mph.

I deploy this icon when the issue is details.


This icon isn't exactly working yet. It posts a white square.

described in entry

My goal was to create a 100x100 placeholder so that I could post without an icon sometimes. The alternative is to set no default icon, but then I often forget to define an icon. Is there a better way?

I want to be able to deploy an empty icon as a nod to whisper space. Perhaps I should abandon that and use

described in entry

"there are no words" instead?

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