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Since I sit a lot, and also have issues with fainting, I've been wearing compression stockings for 24 years. They help some blood stay in my brain, keep blood from painfully pooling in my legs, and lessen restless leg syndrome. Other reasons folks wear them: prevent blood clots (especially after surgery), minimize varicose veins (especially during pregnancy), and manage lymphedema.

Who wears them and a great online place to buy )

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I read from this link

Which has no graphics at all, and when you click through you're automatically in style=light

(And if a post doesn't have a title, then this displays the initial words of the body.)
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Found three nifty resources as I was preparing for my WisCon panel (NEXT WEEK!)

Beyond the Fix or How Do I Live this F*ing Life?
10am Saturday in C5 second floor
virtually #BeyondTheFix on Twitter

I’m thrilled about these rockstar panelists:
Elena Tabachnick (M), Kate Carey, Shayla Dunn, and Lenore Jean Jones1

Full WisCon Schedule:

check out Jess Jacobs, Insickness Podcast, and Fully Sick )
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I eagerly anticipate every new post by Mel Chau thanks to her glorious insights ) although half of them discuss pedagogic philosophy above my head. The other half include glorious insights into her intersectional experiences as Asian-American, engineer, deaf & Deaf, female, teacher. This essay addresses the high cognitive load lip-reading imposes as well as the utility of residual hearing. A taste:

In my case — and the case of my deaf friends who prefer to not use residual hearing when there’s another access option available — we’re patching across multiple languages/modalities on a time delay, and that triggers two competing thought streams. If you want to know what that feels like, try to fluently type a letter to one friend while speaking to another on a different topic. Physically, you can do it — your eyeballs and hands are on the written letter, your ears and mouth are in the spoken conversation — but your brain will struggle. Don’t switch back and forth between them (which is what most people will immediately start to do) — actually do both tasks in parallel. It’s very, very hard. In our case, one stream is lossy auditory English as the speaker utters something, and the other is clear written English or clear ASL visuals some seconds behind it. (Assuming your provider is good. Sometimes this data stream is … less clear and accurate than one might like.) Merging/reconciling the two streams is one heck of a mental load… and since we can shut off the lossy auditory English as “noise” rather than “signal,” sometimes we do.

"Oral deaf audio MacGyver: identifying speakers"


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Better living with upper respiratory infections

all about it )

Gluten Free Pie Crusting: An Observational Study

Last week MyGuy did apple pie SCIENCE! He bought a pack of two frozen GF crusts, nestled in artisanal aluminum foil. He then made cover crusts with two kinds of GF flour, providing ample comparison tasting opportunities.
It was definitely a struggle. )
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Alien spore entered my body when I was young. In my teens, it blossomed, crawled out and sunk its pincers into my shoulders. I've been carrying it ever since. This "alien baby"[1] may be easier to recognize as my atypical bodymind, where the goulash of pain and limitation resides.alien psych insights )
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I love that Dreamwidth provides a connection (when I can comment) and a view (when I can't) to the various, swirling minds of my dwircle. I learn from folks who are leaders, and those striving to become leaders, and those who struggle internally and externally.

I worry that exposing my struggles will disgust my readers. That's why I have forty drafted essays which I can't delete and can't post.

Maybe I would be better of if I gaffiated?

What calls me most these days is working with my hands. Any ideas how I could give away my store of beaded jewelry in an equitable manner?
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So back on Valentine's Day I talked up my new exercise-and-meditation routine. I embraced the possibility of strengthening my muscles, increasing my aerobic capacity, smoothing out my moods.

In the past two months I've realized not all are possible. One stroke forward, one stroke back, one nose full of choking chlorine )
Make those weasels laugh! I had tripped myself, yet again. But I also reset the timer for 21 minutes, and maybe I'll spend a year just enjoying the swimming as I'm doing it. Lose the aspirational nonsense for a while, let the pool be a place I go and let go, flow, float, flutter, and visit with my gym-sisters.
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I hinted back on the 3rd, that I'd begun two self-improvement programs. The jinx is off one of them. I think it's one reason I've been feeling much less depressed and cranky and I've had fewer headaches, and I want to share and boast.

So That's Me, Dunked )

(Yes, it's chlorinated. I've given up soap and shampoo; I apply Aveeno lotion after I rinse off; and MyGuy generously buzzed off most of my hair.)
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I have ten book reviews, five movie reviews, and twelve other blog posts in the formative stage. Which means I can't work on any of them. Urgh.

So instead I learned about BOOP!

I didn't even know it was a word.

Evidently, it means to touch very lightly so as to gain the attention of another, with no hostile intent.

Lucky for my sighted readers, Reddit (the website without pity) has an entire boop subthread. Here it is sorted by popularity, and I can testify that the top ten boops are laugh-out-loud funny.
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I managed to beat back the thriving ivy vines of social anxiety that prevented me from doing something I a) really wanted to do and b) am really good at.

Oh brainweasels, I hate you so much.

Just like they say, tiny steps. Took months, but tiny little steps is how I did it.

Then came the delight of shipping it away.

Turns out the US Post Office has finally got it figured out when it comes to shipping small items. They drop off the boxes -- for free! If it fits in the box, one price. They have online calculators.

Being the Post Office, of course it's much more complicated than it needs to be. We'll see if my parcel actually arrives on the weekend.

In the meantime, I was truly delighted when a form requested me to enter "how many pounds total."

The instructions read:
You don't need to be precise here--we just want to know if we should bring a truck.

Now that's UX design I can endorse!
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I had one of those encounters in the weeks before WisCon. I want to record it for posterity, and I welcome your thoughts as well.
What she said, what I did and didn't say )
The ideal response is not having it matter it all. Not surprisingly, Dave Hingsburger's recent entry explores what it's like when we can really not care. Dave Hingsburger's recent entry explores what it's like when we can really not care. )
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Many thanks to [personal profile] jjhunter, who's hosting a thrilling words and deeds love meme. Standard love memes make me nervous: why would I be appreciated for who I am? I can, however, handle praise for what I've done. (Mayhaps the former unease brought to me by lack of parental approval?) At any rate, my name's on the list.
meditations on body/mindedness when you click )
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Back in town, I was discussing pain with my acupuncturist (as you do). Verbalizing my experience helped me realize why my #1 pain remedy works as it does.

My neck, shoulders, arms, and lower back are subject to fibromyalgia pain. It can start with a tiny trigger — an uninvited touch to my shoulder, or skewing my neck when sleeping, or reaching too far to prevent a fall — and then spreads as a dense burning underneath my skin. The pain feels like it's larger than my body.

For two decades, both ice packs and heat packs have helped with this pain. Today I understood why. When fibro pain expands beyond my own body map, I no longer feel capable of controlling it — it's outside my purview.

The cold and heat packs work in the same way; for simplicity I'll describe the effect with the cold version.

The pack serves different functions as it gradually warms up. Initially, the ice cold sensation simply trumps the pain. But as the pack warms, the temperature difference between my skin and the throb of the pain is like a strobe light outlining the edge of my body. These bright lights illuminate which muscles and tendons to consciously relax, as well as scare away the terrorizing shades of uncontrollable pain.

The cold packs are better analgesics, when pain has already taken hold. The hot packs are kinder, and hug places before they start screaming. I don't use electric heating pads, because it's too easy to fall asleep on them and they will burn you. There are various pack systems marketed to physical and occupational therapists; one can get two cases (to cinch around one's shoulder or leg) and then three packs. Two live in the freezer and one dallies near the microwave.
jesse_the_k: Swim fins which are also high heels. (shoes swimmer deluxe) thrilled & chilled. The latter in particular when the world temp is 98 and the pool temp is 83. But why attempt to explain it when I can show you this:
ideal athlete in air and water )Olia Burtaev of the Australian Synchronized Swimming Team. Chris Hyde of Getty Images got this shot as she posed during a portrait session at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on July 13, 2012 on the Gold Coast, Australia.
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I know I'm an athlete cause I've got the foot fungus to prove it. After I shower, I dry the space between my toes with a hairdryer.

I've abandoned antifungal powders because they trigger asthma attacks.

I've used both Tolnafate 1% and Clotrimazole 1% cream, applied very generously.

I do wear the same wooly bed socks for three or four nights in a row, and I've been known to wear my compression knee-high hose two days running (they're a lot easier to put on the second day).

Thank you for any suggestions which may occur to you!

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