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...we have spent altogether too many hours juggling AV boxes. Now all caption formats viewable on our HDTV )

I have discovered how to increase my glee and reduce my anxiety. free my brain by doing healthwork first )

I started a good book (or at least, its first 60 pages meet that criterion). Not on Fire But Burning )

MyGuy found a beautiful, framed 1800 print of an iris at Goodwill this morning.

More news as it happens; maybe politics next time.

What's your favorite thing right now?
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I'm looking for a DVD/CD player which decodes the old-style, line 21, white-on-black closed captions. (Not the SDH subtitles chosen from a disk menu.) I've read rumors that the PS3 provides this feature. Run this simple test to confirm the rumor )
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If you like thinking about vids, or movies, or TV, or anime ...

Hie thee immediately to "Every Frame a Painting," [ profile] tonyszhou's marvelous YouTube series. Each captioned episode explores how moving-image directors do their jobs: how they handle setting, or a focus on a particular director, or why Vancouver never plays itself. YouTube embed here )
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I've been reading all of a wonderful blog from Mel Chua, who is too many things to summarize, but in her own words, "a human jumper cable." If you work with, teach, learn, or hang around any number of deaf people, please read this
helpful info on speechreading and its demands. )Mel addresses How to succeed in engineering school as a disabled person in a poem
begin quote
Don't get angry.
Don't have feelings.
Don't realize how tired you are.
Don't realize that what you're doing is extra labor.
Stay oblivious. Focus on your classwork.

Don't ask for help.
Don't look dumb.
And never show signs that you're struggling.
That any of this is any harder for you.
That any of this ever hard for you.
end quote

In ADA enforcement* news, NAD sues Harvard and MIT over inaccessible online education ) Why is a lawsuit "enforcement"? Because the vast majority of Americans with Disabilities Act rights are gained not from the law itself, but by someone suing to claim those rights have been violated. Sometimes, the U.S. (Federal) Department of Justice has worked with individuals and classes to bring suits, and only then do Federal lawyers advocate for disability rights. There is no "ADA Police" because violating our rights isn't a crime.
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For the last decade, I've been fortunate to receive the Inclusion Daily Express, an email-based news service. As their blurb promises
begin quote Inclusion Daily Express saves you time while keeping you up-to-date on what people with disabilities are facing, saying and doing. Each daily edition features six or seven important disability rights stories—many you cannot find anywhere else—along with links to dozens of other articles, press releases, opinion pieces and disability columns. quote ends

Inclusion Daily is well worth the annual cost of US$160. That might seem too much to pay, but you can specify ten email recipients for each subscription. If you're part of a working group, an agency, a school district, just one sub can keep everyone in the loop, you choose whether it's weekly or every weekday.

I've been able to keep up on disability-related news from all over. I find the info inspires me to action, provides examples, educates about other people working on "my" issues, and helps me know my place in the movement and the world.

You can try two weeks for free, and see if it's for you.

Here's a sample of what I found in the last two weeks, thanks to Inclusion Daily Express

Terrible Captions on UK TV )
So, I use captions. I loathe the state of live captioning, and I'm dismayed at the falling quality of offline captioning, as more services enter the market with seemingly no understanding of what good captioning means. From thousands of miles away, this article raises the question: Does the US's FCC* investigate caption quality? Do they supply a "how to do it" manual? Could I do something to help increase caption excellence?

*parallel agency to UK's Ofcom

Suing for Wheelchair Access to Hotel Shuttles )
Now this is highly relevant to my SF fan interests. Most cons are held in hotels; every hotel shuttle I've seen can't carry a powerchair. Sharing this info with other fans enables them to better advocate.

Irish= Disability Advocate's Long Life )

As [personal profile] sasha_feather taught me, there have always been social justice advocates. Martin Naughton was a "man of his time" as much as the hospital administrators who couldn't conceive of someone using a wheelchair outside the hospital. Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily's editor, casts his net very wide indeed. Sometimes the articles sampled don't represent an ideal perspective on disability rights. But always, they include the living experience of people with disabilities in the world, and that's always welcome in my in-box.

Samples from Inclusion Daily Express—disability rights news service © Copyright 2015 Inonit Publishing. Please do not reprint, post or forward without permission.
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If you've studied abroad and you have a disability, this post is for you.

The U.S. Senate has so far refused to sign the global U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Senator Tom Harkin, a steady advocate for disability rights, has recorded this video to reassert his commitment to U.S. ratification of the CRPD and calls on the community to support the effort by sending in our stories.

Watch captioned video here )

Do you have a disability and have had difficulty studying or traveling abroad? Did you go abroad for work or school and find challenges when you arrived? Were you unable to go because of your disability?

Your story could help our work towards ratifying the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities -- by putting a FACE to why it is important! The CRPD is an international human rights treaty, modeled after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and has been ratified by 145 countries. With your help, we hope to make the U.S. #146! If you have a story, please share it at

You can also share your support of CRPD on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #selfie #CRPD!
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I'm in love! and here's why: This fabulous captioned video. Its message is vital: a way to rethink our approach to sex.
clicky for the deets )

I can't imagine a better way to spend six minutes.
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We've been using a hodge-podge of modern and "classic" technology for AV and it died. )

Anyone reading interested in guiding me through this decision, or pointing me to a helpful user-run forum where these issues are discussed?
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We're humans, we're tool users, and as we vary from the typical, our tools must vary as well. I've been a fan of assistive technology (AT) for a long time, and there's just more to explore everyday!

Really Pretty Canes )

Other AT Bloggers )

Quite a long rant about battling for, losing and maybe winning the captioning battle )
Moral: advocacy never ends. Always be at the standards table. Eat more greens.
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I've recently seen calls for volunteers to provide subtitling and captioning, e.g.,

Volunteering is a wonderful thing.

Warning: rant ahead.

Would PBS rely on volunteers to provide audio for their news? Or handling the studio lighting? Perhaps the reporters should work out of the goodness of their hearts?

Subtitling and captioning require skill and time. Why should subtitlers/captioners not be compensated for their work? Why should professional TV production consciously exclude viewers for whom audio isn't the appropriate channel? In addition to people who can't understand audio due to deafness or hearing impairment, there's foreign language learners, people in bars, folks running on their treadmills at the gym, and (perhaps most important in this age) Google and other spiders who index and archive video via the caption info.

While some of the Amara projects are non-profit NGOs, others are HUGE corporations, e.g., Google. Yes Google, which has been displaying mostly inaccurate machine-translated captions (some video has been stripped of the professionally prepared captions).
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Kevin Gotkin, a Phd student in Disability Studies, made the half-hour film, "The Rupture Sometimes." Watch it on YouTube, with subtitles and audio description. He interviews half-a-dozen people at a disability studies conference on movement and inclusion. (Promoting the movie on a Disability Studies listerv, he referred to those interviewed as "planets in disability studies." That decentering of attention from the star to the planet is one of the film's themes.)

Gotkin says at one point:
begin quote Disability is, in some sense, a useless term, because it fails to make meaningful distinctions between types of experience. the world economy is as likely to be disabled as someone who uses a wheelchair. So it's odd, then, when we talk about disability, we often swing between extremes, where disability is often profound and total or widespread and infinitely regressed. quote ends

After two times through I understood most of the ideas. I was struck by the glaring Whiteness of those interviewed. Here's the video — click to start.

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You may have seen Google/YouTube announce the magic of auto-captioning last November.

Gee whiz, they even had a deaf programmer write the blog entry. Things are good, right?

Watch this Bill Moyers interview with David Simon on YouTube. It's got captions. They're automagically generated with voice recognition. Compare the audio tracks and the caption track and be stunned at the high level of errors. Notice that White speakers' words are around 80% correct and Black speakers' words more like 30% correct.

Yes, it takes time to make good on technology's promise. In the meantime, disabled people put up with sub-standard services—and often at premium prices. When they're perfected, they'll be generally available.

These bad captions are particularly frustrating because the original sources were already captioned! Since the 1980s all network PBS (US public television) has been captioned; the same has been true for all HBO (paid US cable network) productions since 1995.

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Just stumbled on this today: is a free service where you can create a subtitle file for an existing video (currently including videos hosted at YouTube, Vimeo,, and more).

You use Javascript and Flash in a web interface to author the subtitle text (which can be in any Unicode-supported language). Overstream stores the subtitle file with a link to the video source; you send a link to the Overstream file and both are displayed simultaneously. (You can also download the subtitle file for later user, although I know zero about the format issues involved.)

They have thousands of subtitled videos (not all in English), a chatty blog, and they've just launched a subtitling/captioning service. (Which makes total sense, as more educators use web-hosted content in their lessons, Overstream offers a way to create captions and meet USA section 508 accessibility without having a captioner in-house.

I'm definitely gonna check this out for the next video I link to!

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