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As my icons show, I'm a dog lover. This 12-minute video features an adorable mutt named Martin. He's played by a ~40 pound hound mix with expressive ears named Sadie. The video comprises seven brief episodes on topics of deep concern to Martin, including: Friendship, Walking, Driving and One Good Thing. The voice you hear is Martin's; the video's creators expertly manipulate the dog's mouth so I totally buy he's saying those things. To prove that the world is upside down, this web series is being transformed into an actual TV show on ABC (US) in May.
video includes dog illness, but no death )
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50 lb dog with shiny black-brown fur, white stripe down her nose and prick ears poses like the Sphinx, with her rear legs folded and her front legs outstretched )

Bella has burrowed her way into our hearts. Last week the Underdog Rescue placed Bella in our care. We've enjoyed every moment of our time with her.

She's a remarkably lovely dog. She's a young adult, though we don't know her exact age. She herded all the children in her first Madison placement , so we suspect she's got some Border collie in the mix. Her fur looks black from a distance but up close it's a deep brown; so maybe there's some chocolate lab heritage. We're thrilled with how easy* she is:

  • She greets everyone with a wiggle and a kiss, genuinely pleased to meet new people and dogs.

  • Her fur is as soft as a rabbit's coat, and she's so soothing to pet.

  • She enjoys playing, walking, and sleeping equally.

  • When she sleeps, she emits comforting snores, snuffles, and wheezes.

  • She came to us already potty- and crate-trained

  • She already knows "sit," "no," "come," and "drop it." In less than 10 days she's well on her way to "down," "hupup," and "off."

Black dog 35in from nose to base of tail, lies on her back, all 4 paws in the air. Front two paws meet the outstretched palms of MyGuy, an older white fellow )
*: We assumed all dogs were challenging after 14 years with Teddy the Neurotic, then 15yrs with Lucy the Alpha Bitch.
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I've had tons of fascinating and amusing things happen in the last week, but telling you involves writing and revision and thinking. As an intermediate step, here's a fun meme I gakked from [personal profile] laceblade (who got it from [personal profile] torachan)
62 Detailed Domestic Questions Answered in Stunning Detail )

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