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This is a 10,000-year rabbit hole!

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) was designed to store radioactive waste in Nevada. The storage area would not be safe to enter until 10,000 years had passed. Several groups of smart people came together to design warning messages that could outlive our civilization and protect future explorers. These designers knew they couldn't rely on any current language surviving that long, so they worked on landscape designs that project "this is toxic waste, don't mess!" audio/text background and four fanfics )

One of the forbidding-landscape proposals is incorporated into California, a meh dystopian novel published by a non-genre writer in 2014. If the WIPP project follows up on the experts' suggestions, elements of those proposal should be showing up in pop culture for millennia.

The WIPP-fic tag:*d*dd%20-%20Sandia%20Labs/works WIPP Discussions on Metafilter: )

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One of my favorite fic authors has published a novel )

EXOG by Peale McDaniel is available at Evernight Publishing. It's less than a latte to enjoy instant gratification in any e-format you choose.

It was a lovely evening's read, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

a taste of text )
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On my sidebar you'll find more than 140 fanfic recs for BBC's Sherlock fanfic. I loved ACD Sherlock Holmes growing up, and I clearly like Sherlock fic now. It's the perfect show in that regard: it's often called the first fandom to be ficced, and the showrunners excel at episodes that need fixing.

The most recent example is the New Year Special: The Abominable Bride. You can read the entire show thanks to [ profile] arianedevere's loving transcripts:

Satisfying Hate-reading )
Another Fandom Rescue by Plaid Adder )
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Recently read
I finished MAD AT SCHOOL by Margaret Price. It's outstanding. Yes the language is pitched a couple feet over my educational level, but worth it. Among the nifty ideas:
  • "Mental disability" as a label for people currently tabbed as "mentally ill" and "cognitively disabled." Price argues that the level of disdain and prejudice is the same; that general expectactions are similarly thin; and that an academy founded on rationality exhibits equal confusion as to why people with mental disabilities matter, much less belong in those hallowed halls.

  • Very detailed deconstruction of the "mentally ill mass shooter" stereotype, with scores of useful references. Also lots of disheartening detail as to how the ongoing "security theater" is connected to the academy via prevention of mass shootings. An excellent avenue for further research is why campus rape — a definite, long-standing problem — is not seen as a scourge worth concerted action, and is certainly not receiving $100,000 grants.

Some Fabulous Sherlock (BBC) Fanfic
Many writers explore John and Sherlock’s close relationship without the slash goggles. Sometimes Sherlock is asexual; sometimes they are like brothers; sometimes they develop a demi-sexual relationship. These variations are speak to me particularly as the partner in a thirty-six year relationship.
Four fics, from short to medium, when you click )

Currently Reading
Pebbles on the Hill of a Scientist by Florence Barbara Seibert
Encountered this scientist’s name in passing, and was (foolishly) surprised to learn a woman got her PhD in biochemistry in 1923. Turns out she was surrounded by female doctorates in both high school and Goucher College. She goes on to discovered the crucial difference between boiled and distilled water; the skin test for TB; and a host of other TB-related details which await me. She survived polio as an infant and turned to lab work because she couldn’t see herself undertaking the physicality of an MD. This autobiography was self-published in her retirement: it’s full of intriguing detail, as well as artless writing conforming to a dull pattern quite unlike Seibert’s lively explorations of science and education.

Reading Next
I thought I’d be reading Far from the Tree but the library edition was too heavy for me to hold. I’ve got it as an ebook so I’ll turn my attention back to paper for now. So the next book will be Carole Nelson Douglas’ Good Night, Mr Holmes. A proper parson’s daughter narrates the adventures of that most capable detective and opera singer Irene Adler. A published ACD-canon AU, eight books in all! I hope it’s a tasty counterpoint to the terrible way Adler’s handled in Sherlock (BBC).

Finally, this gorgeous animated vid by PES has been nominated for an Oscar! From YouTube to the Academy! No caps, no need: ambient sound only.
It demonstrates making guacamole, but substitutes similar yet ridiculous shapes. That is: avocado is a hand grenade; onions are dice; peppers are lightbulbs )TRAGICALLY THE VIDEO HAS DISAPPEARED FROM THE NETS :(
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Newborn History is [personal profile] trillingstar's heartbreaking and insightful look at SGA Ronon's tattoo and its meanings.

Just 1550 words, but each one is a gem. Read it now!
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s.e.smith's blog, this ain't livin' hits it out of the park on ethical considerations of the Ashley X treatment )
Great Icons )
Wheee more Esteefee fanfic! )

Great bouillion )

Michelle Alexander truly celebrating MLKJr Day )

Hoping to be back, minus a few pounds, later this week.
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A gushing lightning-fast shock of insight: why we love porn.

We can dream of travel to other galaxies and riding dragons and casting spells, but few of us have actually experienced those things.

Almost all of us have had orgasms.

And so, mythically perfect porn provides our imaginations with a bridge to travel from the mundane to the magnificent.
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I've been reading SGA for two years now, and I guess that means I'm "in the fandom."

Oh, the places it takes me!

Places I didn't even know existed. Like this sweet, funny, punny, ethical, sexy, thought-provoking story called "Kidentity" from an anonymous kink meme. Contains underage sex: Rodney's current personality & cognition is handwaved into the body of a 12-year-old.

Since it's anon, I don't know who to thank. Anon claims to be new to SGA fandom; augurs well. If, like me, you didn't know that what you really needed was an anon kink_meme, visit this Delicious node to browse for more.

Or not.

And in gloomy news: In order to keep Lucy from leaping up to maintain her customary broadcast re: neighborhood doings, we've closed all the blinds at her eye level. Also makes for darkness in the house. I'm glum. She's really glum. We do a potty run on a leash; otherwise she doesn't even lift her head when we come into the room. I don't know if she's emanating depression or I'm reading it, or both. Can't wait until we can start letting her be a dog again.
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I've been enjoying podfics -- fanfics read aloud by fans (sometimes, but rarely, the fic's writer). Flannel-PJ type podfics really help me get to sleep.

I have a lot of experience narrating books, articles, and manuals for readers with print impairments, but podfic is *different*. I lack any creative writing skills, so podficcing looks like one way I could contribute to fandom.
So I'm soliciting beta readers for my first podfic )

Reply and I'll message you the MP3 link. Any comments you have to offer would be swell -- I'm a rank beginner!
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Thanks to my in-person fangirl enablers [personal profile] sasha_feather and [personal profile] were_duck, I now admit that vidding is/has a language.

Thanks to this community [community profile] vid_commentary (mirrored at [ profile] vid_commentary), I'm able to begin to understand what the language is.

(It's an audio community, and they have transcripts whoo hoo!)
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...and it makes me glad glad glad.

[ profile] badgerbag's outstanding analysis, Deconstructing Dick Cheney's Inaugural Wheelchair, which challenges the "Evil Nuclear Villain in Wheelchair" trope, even when it's so so, apropos for Mr Former Vice President.

[ profile] sasha_feather ponders Disability in Battlestar Galactica, and there's lots of it. What does it mean? Join the discussion.

[ profile] chasingtides combines internal and external experience to address Wheelchairs and Shotguns: Handicapped Other in Supernatural Fandom, and there's more good discussions as well.
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So, fanfic is pretty cool, but fanfic poetry is awesome.

Here's The Love Song of S Ray Kowalski, a totally-in-character Fraser/RayK post-CotW fic that just so happens to be an hilarious send-up of T.S. Elliot's moody muggle, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Open that sucker up in another tab, so you can appreciate what a great job [ profile] metaphoracle did.

So I squeed about this to [ profile] were_duck, and she kindly pointed me to an even more meta poem. "Searching" by [ profile] linabean recreates that lost feeling one has when seeking help on a ficfinders/recfinders community, in this case Stargate: Atlantis.

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The creativity that fandom nurtures and celebrates makes me grin hard.

E. frakkin' G.:

  • [ profile] luzula writes excellent fanfic, and creates mellifluous podfic as well. (Particularly impressive since English is not her native language.) I especially adore Shifting and Running, both set in a due South AU where lycanthropy runs in the Fraser family.

  • This brought to mind [ profile] truepenny and [ profile] matociquala's slash-o-riffic novel A Companion to Wolves. I checked [ profile] truepenny's journal to see if there was an excerpt, and found this intriguing phrase: mix them and my world dissolves.

  • Which jumped me to [ profile] petronelle's spot-on, funny, and deeply disturbing crossover between due South and A Companion to Wolves. The more you know about each canon, the funnier this story is, but it's pretty damn wonderful all on its ownsome.

    As these wonderful women piece together tropes and feelings and flights of fancy, they carry on the glorious tradition of the quiltmakers and herbalists: making art and pleasure in community.
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    with the writing of a creative whirlwind named [ profile] j_s_cavalcante and I've just spent a happy morning reading every work of her due South F/K oeuvre.

    Befitting a crush, I also got up-to-date on her entire LJ, and so stumbled on this ancient meme, which was news to—and entirely appropriate for—me:

    A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
    Look up:
    Definition:A surge of panic, esp. as experienced when the negatives of procrastination are realized.

    Apposite because, even though I've written volumes in the past, in the last few years writing anything has turned into an all-anxious, all-nightmare struggle. I'm kinda hoping that writing within the highly stylized realm of fanfic might be a morale-builder, but I have to fret about it for a couple months first.
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    I'll confess that due South fandom has completely eaten my brain.

    There are so many great writers in this fandom that there are hundreds of meaty rec posts devoted to single sub-sub-genres. This is not one of them. Today, I must sing the praises of just one fic, which includes the deathless sentence:

    “Of course, my foot typing is much better than my footwriting, but the typewriter’s currently being repaired.”

    ...[ profile] china_shop's Fraser/Ray K PG romance wherein assistive technology meet slash, and much hilarity ensues.
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    This WIRED commentary introduces an open-source community project that enables sighted people to provide audio descriptions of divers porn clips on the net.

    Not only a good idea in itself, but a possible resource for the wonderful slashers who are populating General Jinjur's podfic archive.

    Let's reappropiate our cultural products as people with disabilities! To the barricades!

    ETA: Yet another audio porn site. While these supplementary sites are lovely examples of free-will cooperation, it's a step backward in the accommodation arena. As long as our access depends on charity (no matter how sincerely or enjoyably proffered) instead of on civil rights, our participation is "special," marginalized, and totally fragile.
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    I've relentlessly pimped Due South to [ profile] sasha_feather in person, so here's the recs post I promised.

    This took so long because I fail at resisting the urge to read 100 new fics just in case they need reccing as well

    due South fandom is almost 15 years old, enough time for all the cliches to have been explored. The packed fanon base layer supports writers exploring new techniques, new insights, new joys & sorrows. At the end, links point back to a decade's worth of great recs from the first decade. Here I'll trend to newer writers, 100% RayK/Fraser, 80% slash.

    eighteen fic recs behind the cut )
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    Steven Brust wrote a Firefly fanfic novel,

    My Kind of Freedom

    he has PDF and Word versions on his site, but he's published through a share-alike license.

    If you'd like to read a totally vanilla HTML version, here's one I made.

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