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One of my earliest and longest-lasting fandoms is civic infrastructure. Not only did I float boats down the gutters when I was a child, I built dams and spillways.

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I've been privileged to hear Mia Mingus speak three days in a row. Among other topics, she emphasized how important trust is in the relationship between organizer and community. earlier and later examples )

Here's an outstanding example of organizing through community service:
Tired of doing hair, don't know how, or don't have time? No Problem! We will do your baby's hair for free while they watch a movie and eat snacks.
Complete info:

Tell me about more effective service projects, which also increase community awareness of political issues.
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Last week I went to an informal get-together organized by UW students for folks interested in academic disability studies as well as community activists and disability services providers.

Heard two tales which opened up my heart and gave me hope for the future.
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When I'm checking & refreshing weather site to see what clothes to wear. Notice forecast of snow. Doubt it. Raise head to look out window. Huh, snow.

why don't I have a snow icon? creative self-delusion.
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How do people living in the Southern U.S. manage? Or any of the other hot places on earth? It's been hovering at 100°F/~38°C for a week and I don't know how to cope. I'm too hot to write both C and F, so there's a temp calculator after the poll.

Tell me how you cope:

Poll #11067 Heat Cope Technics
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 41

The temperature I'm happiest at:

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Mean: 56.25 Median: 60 Std. Dev 20.33
freezing 00 (0.0%)
100 (0.0%)
208 (20.0%)
301 (2.5%)
400 (0.0%)
503 (7.5%)
609 (22.5%)
7015 (37.5%)
804 (10.0%)
900 (0.0%)
boiling 1000 (0.0%)

The temperature right now is:

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Mean: 70.00 Median: 80 Std. Dev 27.23
brrr 00 (0.0%)
101 (2.4%)
203 (7.3%)
304 (9.8%)
401 (2.4%)
500 (0.0%)
606 (14.6%)
705 (12.2%)
805 (12.2%)
907 (17.1%)
bubble 1009 (22.0%)

My favorite hot weather drink is:

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26 (65.0%)

3 (7.5%)

ice tea
15 (37.5%)

13 (32.5%)

hot tea
5 (12.5%)

detailed in comments
10 (25.0%)

Hot weather makes me want to:

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lounge naked inside
12 (31.6%)

run naked outside
0 (0.0%)

read fanfic in a walkin cooler
14 (36.8%)

explain in comments
12 (31.6%)




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The weather was lovely, and we took The Lucy for a 20-minute romp in the dog park. I walked, too.

After that we were feeling quite lazy, so we went to one of our favorite restaurants:

The Kennedy Manor Dining Room & Bar

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If you had just the opposite sort of day, here's a link for when you just can't take it anymore.
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Yee-haa-hoo DUCK!

I wish I was boogying with all the fan girls (but I'll wake up earlier and clearer-headed)
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Following the sterling example of [personal profile] wrdnrd, I'm inviting anyone coming to WisCon who has questions to speak up! I'll answer 'em here. If the answers annoy you, you can know to avoid me. Or maybe there will be fascinating answers and you can plan to share a meal or a stroll.

I'm a 155lb, white woman with short pepper-and-salt brown hair and thick purple glasses. Which is probably irrelevant because the first thing you'll notice is my zooming black power wheelchair with red bag on the back. I'm 5'3" standing, but 4'3" sitting. I'll be wear a hat (oh! having to choose!) with my badge on the front.

Better Interactions through Advance Notice
  • If we're speaking for more than two sentences, please get to my eye level, cause I can't tilt my head back.

  • NO HUGS, thank you. Any weight on my hypersensitive shoulders means throbbing all weekend long.

  • Hold hands! I love holding hands.

  • Don't rest your weight on my chair. I feel the tiniest shift as pain down my body, so lean on a wall.

  • PRONOUNS: She, you, me but mostly we!

  • ANXIETY: Fundamental building block of my spirit, these days. I assume the worst, and reliably misinterpret subtle cues. I particularly welcome open invitations.

  • COMPREHENSION: I'll have a better chance of understanding you if you look in my eyes when you talk.

  • SINGLE-TASKING is a talent; multitasking is a horror show.

  • There's more than one wheelchair user at WisCon. I am not Liz Henry, Susanne Blom, Stef Maruch ... or any of the other wheelers whose names elude me right now.

  • Resources
  • I'm local to Madison and I can help you find things.

  • I've been on the Concom for a while, and would be delighted to talk about volunteering.

  • if you're having a blood-sugar crash, I always have at least two emergency GF, vegan bars

  • I'll be at the hotel but if you're having a desperate craving for a dog to play with, it can be arranged.

  • I love assistive technology and will happily talk about it for ever.

    Friday 9pm Making the Most of WisCon Starts wicked late at night for me but I decided to risk it. If you have any suggestions for things to communicate, feel free to let me know!

    Saturday 2:30p Beyond Etiquette: How Not to Disable People with Impairments This one should be a gas! [ profile] haddayr as well as two experienced and educated Anns (who aren't on DW/LJ), and [personal profile] sasha_feather

    Monday 10a The Tiptree Award Winners That Everyone Should ReadI'm moderating this one -- the panelists have all been Tiptree jurors so I'm sure they'll have lots to say.
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    Yesterday I went up to the Capitol and found it shorn of all the signs. The line from the Republiguns is the blue tape is damaging the marble -- of which none of us would approve. But the good news was a stack of songsheets, so I had the chance to share an hour in song with good-hearted comrades from all over.

    A better taste here: Long time favorites Lou and Peter Berryman were rousing the crowd a few weeks back, as captured on video by Luciano. There were stereo interpreters, but they're not always in frame. I don't have the energy or cognition to provide full transcripts: a couple of polished folk singers changed up the lyrics of two standards to fit current conditions.

    on the frame of We Shall Not Be Moved....

    We'll keep this rally rolling
    We Shall Not Be Moved
    Although we should be bowling...
    We Shall Not Be Moved

    and to the tune of My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean:

    Wisconsin whose motto was 'Forward'
    Was populist as it could be
    But now the new motto is 'Backward'
    O bring back Wisconsin to me.

    and finally, all the verses to Solidarity Forever!
    (what a grand song!)
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    brief head check )

    Informed contemplation of internet's cultural impact )

    I'm excited about FOGcon next weekend! I will be staying in the hotel. I won't be net-connected, so if you'd like to contact me use my cell number (in my sticky identity post).

    Read Who Fears Death Right Now )

    National, Local News: Life in Madison )

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    Major excitement continues. Madison is the arena for a fierce battle between newly-elected Gov Scott Walker and all unions. Also many Democrats and, it seems, most Madisonians. (It's a company town, between the State, County and University. Walker's all about the cuts.) Jesse Jackson was talking today, Sarah Palin is due to talk tomorrow, and I'm planning on staying the hell out of Dodge. Navigating a crowd in a powerchair is claustrophobic at best, imprisoning at worst.

    Ever wondered how to ensure that the maximum amount of money goes to the musician when you buy tunes? I surely have! NPR's story says (in summary). Any retail, whether online or bricks-and-mortar, takes a huge chunk out of the transaction before the musicians see any of it. Best way to buy is direct from the band.
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    Good bye & good riddance to 2009. The best part of the year was spending time with fangirls; the worst was spending time with myself.

    Onward and upward! [personal profile] were_duck came over today so we cooked. Baked latkes—a combo of sweet potato, Yukon gold potato & zuchinni—very tasty. But oil is the point of latkes, and they would have been tastier fried in lots of it. Any excuse to top something with pineapple salsa is outstanding, and for sheer perversity the accompanying sauteed pork tenderloin in sesame oil couldn't be beat.

    Dessert was gluten free double chocolate biscotti. They were super tasty, and I'll post the recipe after I try a few adjustments to make the texture correct. I was pleased that a recipe with no eggs and no oil could somehow hang together: it's the magic of almond meal!

    (Too hungry to take pix.)
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    So I have a small bumpersticker on my chair's back reading "Thank you for not patting me on the head."

    Clearly the couple this morning overlooked it.

    I was in a post-swimming trance, reading SGA fanfic, and waiting for the paratransit van (as you do). Suddenly a woman looms into my vision. "Why did you put sparkles in your hair?" she queries. I'm "huh? buh..." and she repeats "do you know you have sparkles in your hair?" I shrink away from her hands which are swooping in for a landing. "Oh look, dear" as she turns to her male partner, "It's her gray hair! It sparkles! Did you know your hair sparkles?"

    I was speechless, although the urge to bite was strong. She invited her guy over to look at the remarkable sight of my head. At that point I got myself together enough to speed around 15 feet away and stare balefully at them. They didn't, thank Ghu, follow me.

    Just another morning on the planet. At least it's 20° F (which is warm in these parts).
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    Around the corner from me, Craig Schreiner, photog for the Wisconsin State Journal, captured this scene.

    More than a foot of snow coats oaks, box alders, and other shrubbery, bent under the weight. A letter carrier sorts mail as he travels towards us on the unshoveled sidewalk, with a 40-foot oak broken off resting on the ground behind him.

    Earlier I took my standard walk around the block, verrrrrry slowly. But that was 30 degrees and 25 mph ago.

    It's MyGuy's 58th birthday, and he got to play in the snow all day! Sidewalks, patio for the dog, off the roof (we've had ice dams and geez-o-pete they are horrible). Will probably finish watching Stargate Atlantis unless Lucy's buddy, carrier Chris, makes it through with a Netflix.

    We're so lucky!
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    My hometown paper has a well-deserved reputation of long standing: poorly written and edited, heavily slanted towards the owning and ruling classes, and uninteresting to boot.
    In the last few months, under a new editor, the Wisconsin State Journal has been blowing my often-fuzzy mind.

    Frex: a two-day series on people with facial differences ("deformities"), the prosthetics they wear, and the people who make them. People stare at those of us with facial differences partly because of the unknown. This article demystifies without turning the prosthetics users into self-narrating zoo exhibits. It's a matter-of-fact story about fellow citizens, and the craftspeople who use tools (similar to the special FX wizards') in service of the mundane.
    Like any college student with a flair for fashion, Stephanie Dorsey makes key choices each morning.

    Designer jeans or a skirt. Pumps or flip flops. Hair scrunched, curled, straightened or pulled up.

    Dorsey also decides whether to wear her ears.

    She was born without them. But she can snap triple-pierced ears made of silicone onto implants in her head.

    "Some days I wear them, and some days I don't," said the energetic 20-year-old from Milton who attends Edgewood College in Madison. “It depends on what mood I’m in.”

    Sunday: Prosthetics are life-changing
    Monday: Part art and part medicine
    Pix that aren't voyeuristic

    What's so gratifying about this story is what's not there: poor victims of terrible tragedy! is not uttered. effusions of gratitude are not documented. charity is not invoked to pay for the tools—insurance coverage of these silicone bits is actually discussed.
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    The last few days have been lovely.

    1. Lovely weather.

    2. Lovely company: my house has been graced by [ profile] were_duck (bearing CSA shares, nummy) and [ profile] sasha_feather (bearing SGA disks, goody).

    3. Lovely art. Duck turned me on to Banksy, a brilliant grafitti artist. Since I use mass transit, I have a very low tolerance for grafitti in general and tagging in particular. But Banksy's stuff really makes me think. Check out the heart-breaking New Orleans series on his site.
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    I had a lovely birthday yesterday. The weather started brisk and refreshing. We took a brief turn in the dog park, and Lucy ate nobody.

    MyGuy gave me something I've always wanted: two radio-controlled wall clocks. One presides over the living room with dignity, 16 inch diameter analog clock, black numbers, white face, honey oak frame while the other pours a steady data stream 18 by 12 inch digital clock showing time, indoor and outdoor temps, moon phase and date over the dining room table. Knowing the exact time makes me very happy.

    As do prime numbers. Therefore I hope my 53rd year will be full of glee.

    The first time MyGuy and I went out on a date was on my birthday in 1977. We married for love, and it's still in evidence. We napped in a bed with fresh sheets, and strolled out in the honey sunlight of a 70° afternoon.

    I very slowly climbed the twenty-two steps to l'Étoile, which is rumored to be one of the best restaurants in the U.S.A. Frankly, I was disappointed.

    Can she really whine about fancy food? )

    Happily, our local Chocolate Shoppe ice cream is reliably wonderful.

    And so, flist, what pins your happy-meter?
    [Poll #1255219]
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    This morning on my way home, I took the Southwest Bike Path, as you do.

    Due to our heavy rains, there had been severe erosion on one of the drainage ditches. So today the City Engineering department came to fix the damage and add riprap to the banks to protect against future problems.

    Wise preventive maintenance = smartness.

    But the above-and-beyond factor was how the construction affected bike path traffic. One lane of the path was blocked by a dump truck full of gravel and a digger to move the stones onto the bank. The City knows, however, that the SW Path is a very busy thoroughfare. So they provided two signallers, complete with safety yellow vests and STOP/SLOW signs on tall posts.

    They ensured the orderly safe flow of traffic. W00t!


    Jun. 14th, 2008 08:10 am
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    The existence of data like these makes my heart go pitter-patter, my knees flutter, and other portions of my anatomy swell & sigh.

    Why yes, maps showing how denizens of my fair city use their libraries are just that exciting.

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