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I've just finished an anthology written by folks who work in higher education. I've noticed an ubiquitous and peculiar stylistic fillip that didn't appear in my textbooks when I was in college.

It appears most often as the bridging sentence between paragraphs, in the form:

[Things concluded & proven] comma then comma [introduce this new concept/approach/fact]

Where did this come from? Does this "comma then comma" replace an earlier rhetorical move I didn't notice?

How can I make it go away?

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In early January we set out in our ridiculous red van, MyGuy at the wheel. We brought lots of snackers, copious water, and scores of props to help us stay comfortable in car seats. We stopped at least every two hours to stretch. Four days through St Louis, Tulsa, Amarillo and into a rented condo in Santa Fe NM, and we're still on good terms.

Great Things

indeed five of them )

Frustrating Things

four of those )

It was fun, I'm glad we went, we would never move there.
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today I learned that the shareware software distribution sites like Versiontracker and MacUpdate are no longer reliable places to download trial software. They've moved to a "get $$$ to inject malware into our downloads" business model.

Can't prove which one did it, but something loaded MacKeeper in Safari, and now my Mac is yelling at me to buy something from them to get ride of itself.

So now I need to erase and restore my Mac. I backed up last night, hope the backup isn't infected, I may be offline for a few days.

If you have any wisdom, feel free to email my username at his domain!
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Thank you for good wishes and enabling my "stream of hypochondria-consciousness." Both helped!

My actual doctor was consulted, judged my excoriated backside "cellulitis," judged the handoff of many diagnostic tasks to PAs risky, and threw another five days of cephelexin at it just for niceness. Doc says I can go back to the pool whenever I feel like it. Strength is returning apace. Pretty slow pace, but it's the right direction.

Up North has been rescheduled for the third week in August. It's almost like time travel.

In the meantime Up North weather has traveled down south, thank heavens. It was sixty-six degrees this AM. Strolling in gentle breezes with Simpson skies.

Life is swell.
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Probably news to nobody reading here, but it was such stunning evidence of greed in the hospital industry I just had to memorialize it.

This is from 17 May 2013 NYTimes article on the East Coast hospitals with the highest billing and payment. There's such a disconnect between what's charged and what's customarily paid that one must account for both. The users who pay the most are the uninsured; Medicare pays the least, and most insurance companies negotiate something in-between. Bayonne Medical Should be Bayonne Financial )
This is like buying a towing company, distributing your equipment to all roads in town, and then digging ditches across the road to guarantee business. As [personal profile] laceblade would undoubtedly say, This shit is wrong!

ETA to fix erroneous time travel
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We're humans, we're tool users, and as we vary from the typical, our tools must vary as well. I've been a fan of assistive technology (AT) for a long time, and there's just more to explore everyday!

Really Pretty Canes )

Other AT Bloggers )

Quite a long rant about battling for, losing and maybe winning the captioning battle )
Moral: advocacy never ends. Always be at the standards table. Eat more greens.
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Thanks to [ profile] JadAbumrad, a detailed article about the impressive, yet well hidden, ventilation towers all over New York City (and the terminii of tunnels elsewhere): Imagine an entire city district dedicated to nothing but ventilating the underworld!

I think the new Airport is working, but the cable modem is so damn intermittent I don't have enough data to be sure. All this technomagic is great when it's working, but massively frustrating when it falls apart in your lap like a house of cards.

Dialup never gave me this tsurris!
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Because I'm a worrier, the last few months have been hard for me personally. My family's bequest has meant I'm somewhat directly insulated from the impact of Wisconsin's conservative revolution, but many of my friends and colleagues aren't that lucky.

People with disabilities interact more with government. We are more likely to be poor, and therefore more likely to need the welfare system (living expenses, housing, food discounts, medical care).
Only comprehensive, government-wide action can undo the decades of systematic oppression documented in the prelude to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Disability Advocates Wisconsin Network provides a detailed yet understandable accounting of how people with disabilities are going to be affected in so many ways by the budget just passed.

I bring up this list because it neatly reminds us all that "disability issues," like "women's issues," are pretty darn broad.

Are you wondering "Who's ALEC?" The American Legislative Exchange Council was founded in 1973 by Henry Hyde, Lou Barnett, and Paul Weyrich. In brief, they're a group of policy wonks who develop model laws based on the values they hold dear: absolute free market capitalism, elimination of governmental regulation, deployment of public-private partnerships wherever possible. Wm Cronon, a UW-Madison history professor explores in greater detail on his web site.

I bring up ALEC because the misery we're experiencing may be coming to a state like you -- and it may be letter-for-letter what we've been protesting against. Informed is always a good look on a radical.
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I've been so proud of my careful backup strategy, alternating complete backups between two 1TB drives, plus selective agglomerating backups to disk images on the drive. But still, my laptop was getting sort of full, and therefore all my programs were operating slowly. (OS X swaps files in and out of memory in big fat chunks, but my hard drive was only offering small skinny chunks as destinations.)


I grabbed a nice free utility called Grand Perspective, which provides an overview of file size and disposition. Clearly my movies were the easiest to address; they were principally fandom downloads. Around 150 vids and then around a dozen less-known not-available-on-DVD gems like Thoughtcrimes and Buried on Sunday.  So I carefully moved all those files to one of my big drives.

And ever so inadvertently erased them all in the past week. * sigh *


Should I attempt to snag them again, or could this be the start of letting go of my hoarding nature?

Both of those movies are worth watching, BTW. The first stars Navi Rawat as a visionary telepath (backed up by a goofy Joe Flanigan, which is why I originally downloaded it). The second stars Nova Scotia, plus a young, smooth Paul Gross, as well as the usual postage stamp of Canadian-actor bingo. It's funny and sad at the same time: the fishery collapse was in sight, but not yet a reality.

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I've been reading SGA for two years now, and I guess that means I'm "in the fandom."

Oh, the places it takes me!

Places I didn't even know existed. Like this sweet, funny, punny, ethical, sexy, thought-provoking story called "Kidentity" from an anonymous kink meme. Contains underage sex: Rodney's current personality & cognition is handwaved into the body of a 12-year-old.

Since it's anon, I don't know who to thank. Anon claims to be new to SGA fandom; augurs well. If, like me, you didn't know that what you really needed was an anon kink_meme, visit this Delicious node to browse for more.

Or not.

And in gloomy news: In order to keep Lucy from leaping up to maintain her customary broadcast re: neighborhood doings, we've closed all the blinds at her eye level. Also makes for darkness in the house. I'm glum. She's really glum. We do a potty run on a leash; otherwise she doesn't even lift her head when we come into the room. I don't know if she's emanating depression or I'm reading it, or both. Can't wait until we can start letting her be a dog again.
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gawked from [personal profile] general_jinjur

1. jesse_the_k
2. jesse
3. sport (only MyGuy gets to use it)

1. Compression hose
2. computer glasses
3. my first pair of Carharrt jeans, and wow are they comfy

1. Brain-powered computer data entry
2. Stereovision
3. The end of this headache

The meme will find you if you need it.

1. Swam 10 laps
2. Medalled in the horizontal olympics
3. Spent five hours in a row online

1. & 2. Tax customer service people about their wicked incomprehensible online forms
3. Magic Bonnie.

1. Complete proofing the WisCon souvenir book
2. Swim 9 or 10 laps.
3. Finish NK Jemison's Ten Thousand Kingdoms for the [ profile] beer_marmalade bookclub

1. Rishi's Mint Maghreb tea
2. Cocoa from the Mermaid Café
3. Fresh lemonade with fresh mint

1. Being able to electronically proofread a PDF. Not as fast as red pen, yet, but infinitely more portable.
2. Rusty & Boots, red & black mutts full of adolescent energy at the dog park
3. Overhead cranes (no, the ones that fly and make a sound like rusting machinery)
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You may have seen Google/YouTube announce the magic of auto-captioning last November.

Gee whiz, they even had a deaf programmer write the blog entry. Things are good, right?

Watch this Bill Moyers interview with David Simon on YouTube. It's got captions. They're automagically generated with voice recognition. Compare the audio tracks and the caption track and be stunned at the high level of errors. Notice that White speakers' words are around 80% correct and Black speakers' words more like 30% correct.

Yes, it takes time to make good on technology's promise. In the meantime, disabled people put up with sub-standard services—and often at premium prices. When they're perfected, they'll be generally available.

These bad captions are particularly frustrating because the original sources were already captioned! Since the 1980s all network PBS (US public television) has been captioned; the same has been true for all HBO (paid US cable network) productions since 1995.

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I hope everyone reading this already knows how to turn off Google's new social networking "features."

[personal profile] emceeaich & commenters provide some excellent meta on why Google went wrong.

Better News

Feb. 4th, 2010 06:00 pm
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Both e. coli and ampicillin are in the house.

Borscht is bubbling on the stove.

Life is possible!
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The What Sorts of People Should There Be? project considers "concerns around human variation, normalcy, and enhancement" with contributors from inside the lives of people who are often the objects of study. Contributors include philosophers, scientists, and community activists.

They host a blog at, with several years of discussion. Many of the participants are tenured academics, pioneers in the creation of disability studies. The discourse level often is above my head, although some of the sentences do yield their meaning on fifth or sixth rereading.

Lazy me wonders "why bother?" but there are definitely pearls:

This discussion of how to label the two groups to be studied in cognition research neatly demonstrates how the idea of "objective science" is reinforced through language and exposed through contemplation. The researcher wants to find the right labels for "kids on the autistic spectrum" and "the others" in their project. Yet assigning the label scrawls all over the blank slate of research.
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So I have a small bumpersticker on my chair's back reading "Thank you for not patting me on the head."

Clearly the couple this morning overlooked it.

I was in a post-swimming trance, reading SGA fanfic, and waiting for the paratransit van (as you do). Suddenly a woman looms into my vision. "Why did you put sparkles in your hair?" she queries. I'm "huh? buh..." and she repeats "do you know you have sparkles in your hair?" I shrink away from her hands which are swooping in for a landing. "Oh look, dear" as she turns to her male partner, "It's her gray hair! It sparkles! Did you know your hair sparkles?"

I was speechless, although the urge to bite was strong. She invited her guy over to look at the remarkable sight of my head. At that point I got myself together enough to speed around 15 feet away and stare balefully at them. They didn't, thank Ghu, follow me.

Just another morning on the planet. At least it's 20° F (which is warm in these parts).
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Full disclosure: we are 100% bah humbug at our house. I'm culturally Jewish and personally athiest. MyGuy was double-dipped Baptized and left organized religion with junior high. Christmas means Asian food and avoiding family members. No presents, no singing, no hits, no runs, no errors.

When we started listening to A Prairie Home Companion in 1977, it was cool and retro. Unfortunately Garrison Keillor decided around a decade ago that he could really sing, and now it's just annoying.

Even worse was his column this week asking the non-Christians to stay away from Christmas. In particular, why are these annoying Jews writing those annoyingly secular holiday tunes (like White Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer).

That bastion of Hebraic effete East-coast elitism, the NYTimes, followed up with Michael Feinstein's story of complaints because his Christmas program included too many Jewish songs.

Nicely matched, both linked at this TIME blog from James Poniewozik's Christmas is Too Jewish? Oy Vey.

But the real reason to follow the link is the fabulous Saturday Night Live animation, where the genuine Darleen Love sings "Christmas Time for the Jews" in all her Motown glory.


Nov. 30th, 2009 11:17 am
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MyGuy made three apple pies. As always, they taste great: Haralsson, Gala, and Cortland apples with a hint of lemon juice, a scatter of Craisins (dried sweetened cranberries), a touch of cornstarch.

However, in deference to my celiac sprue, he substituted Pamela's pretend flour for the real stuff. Lessons learned:

* Pretend flour burns at a much lower temp than real flour. Reduce heat to avoid scorching.
* Pretend flour doesn't have any gluten in it. *ahem* Gluten is what makes pie crusts flaky & fabulous.
* Don't make pie crusts with pretend flour. Or if you do, close your eyes and pretend it's apple crumble.

A for Effort.

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