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...or, you don't have to Tumbl for the pretty.

Heads: Surrealist portrait sculptures made from found objects, memories and a fascination with medical imagery.

clix for pix )
Image description: Plaster cross section of human head: brain is a rainbow of dyed seeds; eyebrow is a string of spangles; eye is a compass; teeth are pills; tongue is plumb-bob; other (unknown) anatomy includes comb, jointed doll arm; hand-held postal scale; lead miner miniature; plastic seahorse; printed circuit board and seaglass.

Much more at

The Recipe by [personal profile] siderea
begin quote
There's a recipe. It's a recipe for maximally useful-for-engendering-virtual-community-LJ/DW-style. I'm not sure I have it exactly down yet -- this is the alpha version -- but I'm pretty sure that, contrary to a lot of LJ/DW users think, it goes something like this:

Recommended Minimum Weekly Posts by Type:
0.5 diary entry
3 pointers
0.5 bleg
0.25 op ed
quote ends

Please read the whole thing: it's encouraged me to post again!
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On nice days like this Sunday, we visit cemeteries. There are always remarkable gravestones to be found, and yesterday we hit the jackpot.


The pictured headstone features a detached engraving of a four-reel slot machine. )
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I was supposed to post this before I left, so you're getting a wee bit of time travel. (Cut tags are the descriptions)

My lovely dog Bella:

Fuzzy black dog with red highlights looks up into the camera resting just below the edge of my flowered skirt )

A local movie fan creates a Little Free Library inside a replica camera:

Early manually-cranked film camera, double size, turned into a Little Free Library cabinet mounted on a tripod )

Two horrifying mushrooms around the corner. Some neighbors claim they are portobello, and thus edible. NO! Never eat anything bigger than your head!

Suburban ranch house on sloping lawn graced by two mushrooms bigger than a human head )

jesse_the_k: Swim fins which are also high heels. (shoes swimmer deluxe) thrilled & chilled. The latter in particular when the world temp is 98 and the pool temp is 83. But why attempt to explain it when I can show you this:
ideal athlete in air and water )Olia Burtaev of the Australian Synchronized Swimming Team. Chris Hyde of Getty Images got this shot as she posed during a portrait session at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on July 13, 2012 on the Gold Coast, Australia.
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My Mac's back, but I'm not taking it to the con — continue contact via Twitter.

I know I've a remarkably large number of medievalistson my Droll, who might be interested in this exploration of "Diversity in Medievalism."

The very best possible eclipse plus Golden Gate bridge photo

While backstroking with moxie in the pool this AM I bonked my head on the concrete wall. All I know from concussion I learned from fanfic. I did check Dr Google and know to expect headache, visual problems, and sleepiness.

If my pupils dilate asymmetrically or I start babbling more than usual, do let me know

I'm molto excited about WisCon, and this one in particular.
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Thanks to our excellent photog, [personal profile] sasha_feather:

Lucy from above nestled in her oval bed
My Dog Lucy

Photo captions welcome in comments!
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Three years ago, an excellent photog took a series of four photos:
He matched one half of the classical building on the back of US money with the actual building on a sunny DC day. The pix have gone viral a number of times, including this past week on Google+. Nothing makes me happier than sharing cool photos and giving props to the original creator, Brendan McKeon.

Google Plus -> thoughts.
  • integrates many useful bits into one home screen: sites, gmail, cloud photo mgmt
    "stream" flows like Twitter or Facebook but with fewer visual annoyances
    and many more.

  • Will probably increase the rates Google can charge for its ads.

  • Very vague about the Real Name vs Stable Psued vs Spam Factory issue.

  • last week I have demonstrated to myself (and unlucky others)
    that I reliably read social cues in email
    I attain 80% of my intentions in threaded discussions
    I don't even succeed fifty percent of the time for Twitter or chat

  • Last thing I need are more real time social media activities.

  • Will probably add G+ to the mothball repository with Facebook, LinkedIn no longer working
  • Twitter is seductive. Writers'-block issues destroyed by char limit; often offers illusion that I'm reading the minds of folks I like and admire.

  • Any thoughts?
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    Which is more than a year old, so let me rouse the behind-the-times-brigade in support of Sleep Dealer. Made on a shoestring and deeply influenced by fannish tropes. Virtual undocumented workers — cybraceros — plugin all over the global south to take care of the the North's dirty work via robots. Most political movie I've seen in a long time, a much-needed injection of venceremos!
    jesse_the_k: Due South's Ray Kowalski and Benton Fraser both rubbing their foreheads (dS F/K headache)
    No more denial from this corner: I have developed fangirl cataracts. While I was browsing this collection of 20 never-before seen LIFE photographs of Steve McQueen from 1963, all I could see in that lithe form was CKR playing RayK dreaming he's Steve McQueen.

    (link goes to totally undescribed AJAX-heavy photo gallery.)

    There is even, [personal profile] dira fans take note, a shot of battered hands!
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    My earliest fandom is lettering & fonts (or as ITC used to say in U&Lc, "I'm a letter lover.") Linotype's new script style Veljovic is just gorgeous, and there's a Cyrillic to make my mouth water.
    Sample alphabet set in Velojovic Light calligraphic script

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    Around the corner from me, Craig Schreiner, photog for the Wisconsin State Journal, captured this scene.

    More than a foot of snow coats oaks, box alders, and other shrubbery, bent under the weight. A letter carrier sorts mail as he travels towards us on the unshoveled sidewalk, with a 40-foot oak broken off resting on the ground behind him.

    Earlier I took my standard walk around the block, verrrrrry slowly. But that was 30 degrees and 25 mph ago.

    It's MyGuy's 58th birthday, and he got to play in the snow all day! Sidewalks, patio for the dog, off the roof (we've had ice dams and geez-o-pete they are horrible). Will probably finish watching Stargate Atlantis unless Lucy's buddy, carrier Chris, makes it through with a Netflix.

    We're so lucky!
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    At the farmer's market this morning* the farmer said: "it's an heirloom broccoli." I think it's too darn beautiful to eat. But it's an excellent reason to compare my old digicam against a very fancy (if older) loaner to see what I want from a new one.

    Cut for the hugeness that captivated me. Three closeups of one lime green cone of broccoli, composed of larger and smaller spiralling cones of broccoli, fractally nested and repeated finitely and hypnotically. )

    (The hope is to shoot pix of my jewelry. Easier said than done. We created a macro-studio from a transparent plastic bin draped in muslin, with bright lights clipped outside and a seamless posterboard inside. But my old digicam won't let me adjust depth-of-field. Hence the loaner to play with. Actual jewelry pix only when they're publishable.)

    *Moved inside until April 11. In a month the only freshness will be eggs and mushrooms, but my need for ground emu is year-round.

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