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WisCon 41 was great. I got a few chances to use the scripts you provided but mostly it was celebratory. I am able to sit up, think, move around fairly easily the next day, which represents such a lovely change. I got to see many annual friends and make some news ones.

And I have notes and will be trickling those out soon.

But in the meantime run and watch this amazing vid by [personal profile] eruthros

Title: Building a Body
Fandom: Automata
Song: Poor Atlas by Dessa
Length: 1:48
Contains: Institutionalized violence against robots, reference to robot sex slaves, flickering light (campfire).

It's ethereal, it's beautiful, it makes me think about bodies.
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One of my favorite fic authors has published a novel )

EXOG by Peale McDaniel is available at Evernight Publishing. It's less than a latte to enjoy instant gratification in any e-format you choose.

It was a lovely evening's read, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

a taste of text )
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Adaptations by Adrian makes outerwear designed for us. I've had two of their capes, and they're wonderful. The capes are custom made, so you can make sure they're short enough to clear your wheels or long enough to cover your back bag. details )
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In 2nd grade art class, we were tasked with "draw anything you like." I made an uppercase letter A. The teacher complained, "that isn't art." With my typical modesty, I claimed "Yes it is!"
happy rave about Jessica's work )
It's a free site that steps web-naive designers through enough HTML & CSS to understand initial constraints
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In my last post I neglected to include my single #1 fave online disability-culture resource:
It's multimedia goodness—in addition to pix & reviews, the Graphic Medicine site offers a podcast.

There are many places to read about the social construction of disability. I treasure this site because it helps me understand impairment, and the social construction of medicine.

let me recommend this site to you )
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50 lb dog with shiny black-brown fur, white stripe down her nose and prick ears poses like the Sphinx, with her rear legs folded and her front legs outstretched )

Bella has burrowed her way into our hearts. Last week the Underdog Rescue placed Bella in our care. We've enjoyed every moment of our time with her.

She's a remarkably lovely dog. She's a young adult, though we don't know her exact age. She herded all the children in her first Madison placement , so we suspect she's got some Border collie in the mix. Her fur looks black from a distance but up close it's a deep brown; so maybe there's some chocolate lab heritage. We're thrilled with how easy* she is:

  • She greets everyone with a wiggle and a kiss, genuinely pleased to meet new people and dogs.

  • Her fur is as soft as a rabbit's coat, and she's so soothing to pet.

  • She enjoys playing, walking, and sleeping equally.

  • When she sleeps, she emits comforting snores, snuffles, and wheezes.

  • She came to us already potty- and crate-trained

  • She already knows "sit," "no," "come," and "drop it." In less than 10 days she's well on her way to "down," "hupup," and "off."

Black dog 35in from nose to base of tail, lies on her back, all 4 paws in the air. Front two paws meet the outstretched palms of MyGuy, an older white fellow )
*: We assumed all dogs were challenging after 14 years with Teddy the Neurotic, then 15yrs with Lucy the Alpha Bitch.
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I attended the two parts of the con I never have enough time for when I'm going to programming: the Art Show and the Dealers' Room. I had a wonderful chance to catch up with some of my WisCon besties, from the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains, and darkest London.

Thank heavens for [ profile] tahliaday Not only does she create beautiful, dreamy, scary watercolors "Uncharted territories from another reality", she also coordinated the WisCon Art Show this year. The art was lovely, as always, but the layout completely changed. She opened up the space so that there was room to contemplate each piece. A dozen people could be in the show and move around freely. It was a masterpiece of accessible design, and it made all art show visitors very happy.

All the WisCon 39 concom, please take a bow. Peruse the list of more than 70 names, volunteers all. They coordinated and planned and lugged boxes and created press releases and monitored safety and wrangled programs and made it all happen. Some folks predicted the year of succession would be rocky, but I was impressed by how smoothly things ran. Sure, there were ocassional glitches, but mostly I've heard great reports from all around. HOORAY!
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By Blood—Ellen Ullman5 of 5 )

Madness: A Bipolar Life—Marya Hornbacher5 of 5 )

Lock In—John Scalzi3.5 of 5 )

Peace meals: candy-wrapped Kalashnikovs and other war stories—Anna Badkhen5 of 5 )
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Work reviewed demonstrates child abuse )

description in caption
Willies by Jesse Reklaw: Five tan beasties, a mix of dog, meerkat and seal, with no hair but white mustaches.
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I love many fics in the Sherlock BBC fandom. Check out the links in my left column for hundreds, as well as the few, the proud, the "must read."

I just reread the two parts of the Watches 'verse, and my it is tasty. details inside )
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While my girl spends time sleeping, sleeping, limping, and sleeping, there are still energetic dogs on the internet.

These pets—Sqwark and Whiskey—were videoed by their owner Bonnie Thomson in Australia.Finish drinks before watching )
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Not simply a browser dump, these links have been filtered through the spongy portions of my brain with artisanal care:

The CASTLE actors who play Esposito and Ryan made a trailer for a goofy movie with a serious message about racism and frankly I don't know if there ever will be a movie, but the trailer was excellent (Vimeo link, no captions, loud music)

Interested in Sherlock BBC fanfic? It just so happens I've been reading almost nothing else for a year and a half. I've been diligently annotating my reading, so if you visit the Archive of Our Own with this link, you'll find at least 44 fics with several paragraphs on each as to why it must be read.

As one Me-Fite put it, This is like some crazy almost unbelievable novel. The CIA, the Cold war, the Nazis, Tolstoy, the Soviets, Kissinger, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Chinese communists and the Kuomintang. What's that you say? You already knew about Countess Tolstoy helping thousands of Mongols ( Werhmacht veterans all) to immigrate to New Jersey? I bet this fabulous MetaFilter article tells you even more.

Final one is out-of-plumb in several dimensions. I'm usually all about the social model and how impairment + social discrimination = disability. I'm also hesitant about video documentary: there's too much bandwidth on the subtext channel for me to judge the accuracy. Yet, there's a couple women of color making a documentary about what ails me*, and it seems like they're off on the right foot. What do you think? (Click to start video, captioned.)

* Myalgic Encephalomyelitis aka Myalgic Encephalopathy aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
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I've read almost all that British writer Alexander Masters has published, and I seek out his work. He writes from his daily experience, but is always ready to peel away his daily assumptions and received wisdom. books movies articles )Two books, the movie, scores of articles. Take a look the next time you see Alexander Masters' name.
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There was ample reading on our trip to the North Woods.

Rhinelander, pop 8000, used to support two daily newspapers; now it's down to one company which publishes a weekly tabloid as well as three shrunken broadsheets a week. Which is to say there wasn't that much in the way of newspapers. Turns out that life without the net or the news is okay.

We are all completely beside ourselves )
Four Freedoms )
My Life In the Kitchen )

The whipped cream on top: the origin of Rhinelander's name. We'd always assumed it hitchiked with the thousands of German immigrants who spread all over Wisconsin in the 19th century. The truth is more mercenary: the capitalists who'd purchased extensive timber lands realized it was worthless without transportation. They convinced F.W. Rhinelander, president of a railroad with a line nearby, to extend the rail service to the town. In return for naming rights (and eventually half the land) the railroad arrived. Fortunes were made via clearcuts, and it took fifty years before there was any logging opportunities again. Tourism and paper mills bridged the gap.
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Wow! I really liked Far North (2007).

CAUTION: This is a horror movie: in addition to detailed animal slaughter, there are rapidly freezing rivers of blood, and a realistic rape. I usually loathe horror movies, but this was so anchored in the beautiful landscape I was charmed.

It's available on Netflix DVD, and for sale at all your favorite media outlets. There are lots of pictures to give you a feel for the stunning landscape: here at lead star Michelle Yeoh's fansite.

No captions in the following trailer; no caption nor subtitles in the movie; very little dialogue in the movie. (Most people speak in tight close-up; I only needed to rewind a dozen times.)

Shot above the arctic circle in Svalbard, Norway, two women occupy a stark landscape: Michelle Yeoh (the elder) and Michelle Krusiec (the younger). The cinematography and landscape are stunning: a full year of snowfields, glaciers, crevasses, tundra, moonlight, snowlight, and the Aurora Borealis. I didn't realize snow and ice could be all those colors! Music used very sparingly. I consulted with [personal profile] laceblade and we agreed that the actors spoke so little we lacked the data to assess Far North on the Bechdel Test. Are the two mother and daughter? lovers? strangers thrown together forced to share every resource, including patience, love and annoyance?

Eventually Loki, a white guy with generic Euro-accent stumbles in to their lives. (I don't think he's supposed to be a human incarnation of the Norse God of Trickery, but maybe I’m not deep enough.) Sean Bean does a good job of disappearing behind a beard and frostbitten cheeks in this role. The women welcome a fresh face, resent having to share and teach the interloper, and eventually engage in a very dangerous battle for Loki, which doesn’t end well. The ending is as graphic as the up-close hunting and skinning of seals, reindeer and other scarce wildlife.

Director Asif Kapadia read the Sara Maitland short story “True North,” inhaled its atmosphere, and brings it beautifully to life. (My library also lent me the 1996 Maitland short-story collection Angel Maker. Although I love Maitland’s matter-of-fact new weird mixed with 20th century Jane Austen, I think the movie is the greater piece of art.)

Maitland’s story evokes an archetypical north, with no specific cultural signifiers. Kapadia recognized that in a visual medium, there must be some heritage visible: he chose Sami (f/k/a Laplanders), the indigenous people of Scandinavia, near his northern shooting location. Both female leads have Asian faces; Sean the Interloper is believably white; the reindeer herders look like any of the peoples in the Arctic Circle. There’s an inexplicable influx of Russians who play the Unambiguously Bad Guys. (Is this during World War II? Did they wander through from Finland? Hey, the movie ain't perfect.)

After you're creeped out from FAR NORTH on DVD, I do commend the "extra" features. Unlike most, these convey interesting info. In particularly, all the "life on the ice" scenes were shot on the ice. One gets a different appreciation for the "cuddle for warmth" trope when you realize all the goosebumps on the actors' lovely limbs are genuine.

If you’re feeling oppressed by local heat, this movie will make you feel cooler. If you’re feeling oppressed by local cold, this movie will make you feel better.
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This will deeply appeal to 12-year-old fans of Stargate Atlantis, McShep Ship Division, and their elder sistern. Otherwise, nothing to see here except this LINK
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The weather was lovely, and we took The Lucy for a 20-minute romp in the dog park. I walked, too.

After that we were feeling quite lazy, so we went to one of our favorite restaurants:

The Kennedy Manor Dining Room & Bar

More geographic & gastronomic details )

If you had just the opposite sort of day, here's a link for when you just can't take it anymore.

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