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goofy context )
is the intro to the special issue of the journal, with actual science, but behind another paywall

I'm not making light of the underlying issue. I've been sick since 1988, I know the PACE trial is evil, it just amuses me what my unedited brain creates.
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on twitter & FB...but I'd rather do it here.

I made this card at
Then I download others' cards, use a photo editor to check off shared interests, and repost.

Jesse the Kingo card

Jesse the Kingo card described )
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I've been decidedly child-free since my first period. But I do love my dog! Bella loves us back.

She brings such enthusiasm to every encounter that I can't imagine tallying her favorite. Playing that deep strategy game "stick" is high on the list. I shot this video yesterday after she'd been running around the yard for at least 15 minutes straight.

That man is MyGuy. He picks up a stick and waves it in Bella's field of view.

Bella, a medium-size black dog with floppy prick ears, drops what she's doing. She leaps for and takes control of the stick, twirling about a bit.

MyGuy picks up the other stick, holds it out until Bella realizes, OMG! a STICK. She drops what she's doing, leaps for and takes control of the stick, twirling about a bit.

Repeat until exhausted.

eta: The password is "bella"

Use the password 'bella' to watch the vid )
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As Spring pops up all around, I’ve noticed an uptick in shiny spheres in my neighborhood. Known as gazing globes or mirror balls, I find “yard orb” stutters off my tongue pleasingly.

They’re sorta mysterious! I don’t get why people like them, so I’m crowd-sourcing.

A best-case photo from Flickr user Patrick, aka [ profile] fionnmccueil, generously licensed under CC by-nc-sa 2.0

bird sits atop smooth mirrored soccer-ball size globe reflecting sunlight, a split-level ranch, and sparse yard )

Please, help a nerd out!

Poll #18363 Yard Orbs
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29

So, why yard orbs?

View Answers

Never seen one.
13 (44.8%)

They're all over my neighborhood
6 (20.7%)

I've busted one, it's fun to do
0 (0.0%)

Let us never speak of this again.
2 (6.9%)

9 (31.0%)

I love mine, explained in comment
1 (3.4%)

Wow, that sure is weird
10 (34.5%)

Discovering that is a Wisconsin company may explain their local ubiquity.

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Thanks to an [personal profile] umadoshi link spam, I’ve just learned about Andrius Burba, a very talented photographer.

He creates a five-foot-square portable studio (great lights, black cloth) that’s topped with a frequently-cleaned plate of glass.

the results are remarkable )
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A local culture critic faces up to the truly scary inventions of modern processed food in his series, "Yeah, I Ate That." Every Wednesday me & MyGuy alternate reading it aloud and trying not to splatter food all over ourselves. This week's edition addresses Peeps* in all their Easter finery with words )

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....and you can too, as long as reading about cockroaches in cereal doesn't bother you
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Last year Lucy caught a mouse, much to my amazement.

On a walk with MyGuy two days ago, she got another. I asked him whether she tried to sneak it into the house again.

"No," he replied, "she's a hunter not a gatherer."

That, my friends, is why we've been together since 1977.

And then she caught another yesterday, and spent a pointless ten minutes burying it in a snow bank. Pointless because as she snored inside with all the sounds of the animal kingdom [from overful lion to bushed capybara], MyGuy unburied it and threw it in the sewer.
jesse_the_k: Lucy the ACD snuggles up against the edge of her cozy dog bed, nose under her leg (LUCY snuggles)
While my girl spends time sleeping, sleeping, limping, and sleeping, there are still energetic dogs on the internet.

These pets—Sqwark and Whiskey—were videoed by their owner Bonnie Thomson in Australia.Finish drinks before watching )
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Can't tell you what they expected to happen, but when someone brought their ten-ton bulldozer to the antique-snowmobile race on Lake Wissota (near Chippewa Falls, WI), it broke through the ice.

Captioned video at link, though mainly it just shows a very smooth hole in the ice and folks staring at it.
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offers one-sentence summaries of theses by their authors. (It's based on Tumblr, and you can search by discipline.)

One can spend many a happy minute laughing (and crying a little). If you've ever written a thesis, you'll be comforted. If you've avoided the possibility of writing a thesis, you'll have your wisdom confirmed.

There are many examples: here are three.

These Egyptians living in Israel used poop as a fuel, probably donkey poop.
Archaeology, University College London

Democracy would work a whole lot better if we weren’t so, you know, human.
Political Science, Rutgers

I melted the Earth and all I got was this lousy solidified magma ocean and a dense layer of gunk at the bottom.
Earth & Planetary Sciences, MIT
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"How come nothing awesome like this happens when I go grocery shopping?" said one commenter, and I can't help but agree.
Gory details inside )
Tragically, no pictures.

ETA: Thanks to fact checker [personal profile] laceblade, more accurate store description.
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I have ten book reviews, five movie reviews, and twelve other blog posts in the formative stage. Which means I can't work on any of them. Urgh.

So instead I learned about BOOP!

I didn't even know it was a word.

Evidently, it means to touch very lightly so as to gain the attention of another, with no hostile intent.

Lucky for my sighted readers, Reddit (the website without pity) has an entire boop subthread. Here it is sorted by popularity, and I can testify that the top ten boops are laugh-out-loud funny.
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Not simply a browser dump, these links have been filtered through the spongy portions of my brain with artisanal care:

The CASTLE actors who play Esposito and Ryan made a trailer for a goofy movie with a serious message about racism and frankly I don't know if there ever will be a movie, but the trailer was excellent (Vimeo link, no captions, loud music)

Interested in Sherlock BBC fanfic? It just so happens I've been reading almost nothing else for a year and a half. I've been diligently annotating my reading, so if you visit the Archive of Our Own with this link, you'll find at least 44 fics with several paragraphs on each as to why it must be read.

As one Me-Fite put it, This is like some crazy almost unbelievable novel. The CIA, the Cold war, the Nazis, Tolstoy, the Soviets, Kissinger, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Chinese communists and the Kuomintang. What's that you say? You already knew about Countess Tolstoy helping thousands of Mongols ( Werhmacht veterans all) to immigrate to New Jersey? I bet this fabulous MetaFilter article tells you even more.

Final one is out-of-plumb in several dimensions. I'm usually all about the social model and how impairment + social discrimination = disability. I'm also hesitant about video documentary: there's too much bandwidth on the subtext channel for me to judge the accuracy. Yet, there's a couple women of color making a documentary about what ails me*, and it seems like they're off on the right foot. What do you think? (Click to start video, captioned.)

* Myalgic Encephalomyelitis aka Myalgic Encephalopathy aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
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I attended a fabulous disability studies conference in Delaware. I learned many things and took extensive notes. More later.

To celebrate, I'm soliciting examples of hyperbolic comparisons.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to dine with Karen Moore, former WisCon chair and all-around enjoyable human being. She praised someone's marketing skills thusly:
He can sell socks to snakes

I'm contemplating purchasing an Apple TV box to handle streaming sound & pix to my TV. Along the way, someone recommends a keyboard to control it, because using an Apple Remote to type a login is
like mowing the lawn with nail clippers

Raise a glass to energy guru Amory Lovins, who memorably wrote that cooking food with electric power was
like killing a mosquito with a nuclear bomb

What are your favorites?
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...and we're still pleased with the outcome.

What? MyGuy's an engineer, and I'm all up in the geek thought patterns.

In other words: thirty-two years of legal marriage. I needed health insurance. I felt then, and now, that the state should get out of the marriage business. I'd prefer a civil union open to everyone, and then a sanctified marriage provided by the religious institution in that institution's rules. Even if civil unions prevail, they're still the only three-way contract where two parties don't even know what they're signing up for.

Evidence of MyGuy's wonderfulness: he hypnotizes fish!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Caption: Context is the rippling blue water of a Northern lake. On a narrow wooden pier, a slender white man is perched on knees and elbows. He's staring hard at the water, his expression somehow both purposeful and confused.
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And I'm not kidding.

1. Move focus between tabs in Firefox detailed inside )

2. Silliest Tumblr yet is Text From Dog )

3. Spending altogether too much time Googling "Benedict Cumberbatch." I giggle when I say that name! )

That is all.
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Boston-area librarian, also SF and comics enthusiast, working at "HUL", ponders the details of tattooing his personal call number on his spine.

Worth a look, as Tara the Internet Librarian used to say.

Am actually beginning to recover from WisCon. At this rate, I will be capable of joining a party with 950 of my closest friends in around one year.

Any readers have wisdom on region free (aka region 0) DVD players?
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Thanks to our excellent photog, [personal profile] sasha_feather:

Lucy from above nestled in her oval bed
My Dog Lucy

Photo captions welcome in comments!
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The weather was lovely, and we took The Lucy for a 20-minute romp in the dog park. I walked, too.

After that we were feeling quite lazy, so we went to one of our favorite restaurants:

The Kennedy Manor Dining Room & Bar

More geographic & gastronomic details )

If you had just the opposite sort of day, here's a link for when you just can't take it anymore.

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