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As Spring pops up all around, I’ve noticed an uptick in shiny spheres in my neighborhood. Known as gazing globes or mirror balls, I find “yard orb” stutters off my tongue pleasingly.

They’re sorta mysterious! I don’t get why people like them, so I’m crowd-sourcing.

A best-case photo from Flickr user Patrick, aka [ profile] fionnmccueil, generously licensed under CC by-nc-sa 2.0

bird sits atop smooth mirrored soccer-ball size globe reflecting sunlight, a split-level ranch, and sparse yard )

Please, help a nerd out!

Poll #18363 Yard Orbs
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So, why yard orbs?

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Never seen one.
13 (44.8%)

They're all over my neighborhood
6 (20.7%)

I've busted one, it's fun to do
0 (0.0%)

Let us never speak of this again.
2 (6.9%)

9 (31.0%)

I love mine, explained in comment
1 (3.4%)

Wow, that sure is weird
10 (34.5%)

Discovering that is a Wisconsin company may explain their local ubiquity.

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You may have seen recent posts where I savor my gratitude for things. As part of my self-compassion meditation practice, I'm planning on doing this for a while.

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Poll #16672 Join My "Gratitude Practice" Filter
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I wish to join the "Gratitude Practice" filter

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I just filled one with summer hats, and reseeded the rack with my winter hats. It's such a thrill to see my lovely wool hats; I didn't realize how much I'd missed them.
Ho hi heee — what about a poll? )
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How do people living in the Southern U.S. manage? Or any of the other hot places on earth? It's been hovering at 100°F/~38°C for a week and I don't know how to cope. I'm too hot to write both C and F, so there's a temp calculator after the poll.

Tell me how you cope:

Poll #11067 Heat Cope Technics
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 41

The temperature I'm happiest at:

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Mean: 56.25 Median: 60 Std. Dev 20.33
freezing 00 (0.0%)
100 (0.0%)
208 (20.0%)
301 (2.5%)
400 (0.0%)
503 (7.5%)
609 (22.5%)
7015 (37.5%)
804 (10.0%)
900 (0.0%)
boiling 1000 (0.0%)

The temperature right now is:

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Mean: 70.00 Median: 80 Std. Dev 27.23
brrr 00 (0.0%)
101 (2.4%)
203 (7.3%)
304 (9.8%)
401 (2.4%)
500 (0.0%)
606 (14.6%)
705 (12.2%)
805 (12.2%)
907 (17.1%)
bubble 1009 (22.0%)

My favorite hot weather drink is:

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26 (65.0%)

3 (7.5%)

ice tea
15 (37.5%)

13 (32.5%)

hot tea
5 (12.5%)

detailed in comments
10 (25.0%)

Hot weather makes me want to:

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lounge naked inside
12 (31.6%)

run naked outside
0 (0.0%)

read fanfic in a walkin cooler
14 (36.8%)

explain in comments
12 (31.6%)




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I'm posting this before the polls close so that the results of the election don't contaminate my gratification with the grass-roots level of the election process.

My day was really upbeat. Where I worked in the AM, I insisted we test the MarkSense (pictured in my previous) Accessible Ballot Marking Device. As the trainer had feared, it didn’t operate. Our chief contacted someone from the City Clerk’s office, who tapped it, thumped it, and sent some test ballots through a few times and it worked (although glacially slowly). At that point I gave an impromptu training to all the poll workers: here’s why we have a machine, it can substitute for the eye to hand system or the brain to hand system. Here are the sort of things the machine can enable. If someone wants to use the machine, don’t be a gatekeeper. My fellow poll workers seemed eager to know more!

When I finished my shift I went back to my home to cast my own ballot, and used the MarkSense there. It operated fine; the design and function of the large print output, however, is abysmal. It comes in one large print size, around 18 points. Although it’s a full color display, its warnings are shown with black & white flashing, so rapid as to induce migraine (or perhaps a seizure, that was some nasty brightness). So I closed my eyes and used the audio interface.

No access problems at either polling place (although the student ward where I worked has a very high level of ambient sound, which I would never tolerate for more than a couple hours).

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