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Suddenly three spam ads appeared on my Calendar app (both Mac & iOS). I didn't see a .vcf attached to an incoming mail. They're not flagged as "found in mail," nor are they assigned to any of my calendar categories.

How is this possible? How do I stop it happening?

If I decline the calendar item then the spammer knows my address. When I select to delete it, the options are "cancel" and "decline." How do I get rid of it without alerting the spammer?

I thought I didn't have to worry about this because I used a Mac.

Grr. Argh.

ETA: answers in first response.
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When a web page address (“URL”) appears as-is in the text, it’s a “bare link.”

For example, this URL:
takes you to my profile page.
two ways to make links )
In Dreamwidth and most other online writing spaces, a bare link automatically becomes clickable. I prefer bare links because
  • They’re easier to type, test, and proofread.

  • They simplify working around link rot.[2]
more details details details )
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This site is catnip for the at-home mechanic. It has a wide range of fun and funky instructions, from all-cardboard storage systems, DIY security, and 3D printers that print themselves, to cooking recipes, provided in step-by-step detail.Pretty & Practical Bikes )
Instructables provides a nice framework for documenting your amazing projects (called ibles) so others can admire and do it themselves, as well as comment threads for more praise and good ideas.
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So Yuletide always has a handful of fics that play in the sandboxes of my heroes, such as U K LeGuin & Octovia Butler. In fact this year I noticed [personal profile] lindentreeisle had written in both. Since Yuletide is now hosted on "the archive" (aka AO3) at
it's easy to see what other fics any writer has produced. So I see they wrote a lot of BBC Sherlock fics as well. Oh ho! Given my weakness for long fics — more than 24,000 words and I'm there to sample, at least — I was pleased to see the Push!Verse series, clocking in just belowing 30,000 words

But it was a crossover with a movie I've never seen. No problem! I grab the movie from my branch library (hmm, I wonder how many MPL librarians also have AO3 accounts?), watch it (meh? Pretty Hong Kong scenery, interesting ideas, Chris Evans is boring) and now I'm ready to read. Review to follow.

So: what a web of creators and readers, providers and takers.

So: check out all Linden Tree Isle's work here
at the master fic post:
or here at AO3
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Thanks to [personal profile] sdwolfpup's More Joy Day meme, here's an offering:

iPod Touch 5th generation sturdy case

Brand new, tried on just once, fits great but a little too bulky for me
i-Blason ArmorBox Series
Hybrid 3 Layer Silicone Case with Hard Shell Inside Case
With Built In Touch Screen Protector Film Case (Purple)

Free to a good home, happy to trade something interesting (you decide).

(You can email me here jesse_the_k at
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Recently Finished: Two winning science-y books

Too Big To Know by David Weinberger. For a very long time, human knowledge was what fit on paper (no mention of oral cultures). Now the Net removes the requirements of publishing contracts, printing limits, salability. Everybody can be a publisher. And so, there's a whole lot of knowledge; so much that it's ... Too Big To Know.

Author brings lots of Internet, journalism, and librarian experience to the question of, "How will we know what to learn?" Challenging, intriguing, probably 30 ways wrong but very enjoyable.

Delusions of Gender by Cornelia Fine. Stacks up the various studies that claim that male and female differences are hardwired into the human organism, and demolishes them one-by-one. Author is funny, provides tons of footnoted details, doesn't mention some statistical issues that even statistically-illiterate me think relevant. Nothing so delicious as the deconstruction of Simon Baron-Cohen.

Currently Reading: Many megabytes of Sherlock BBC fanfic

I prefer my works not-in-progress, and several of my fave authors have finished up novel-length narratives. In particular:

The Art of Seduction by [ profile] flawedamythyst
Sherlock maintains his intense focus on data and experiments, but the field is human sexual congress. Hilarious with tender and sad bits. Also lots and lots and lots and lots of sex, which ends with Sherlock emitting yet another "Dull!" and swirling away.

Not What Is Said But What Is Whispered by [ profile] sirona
It's the good old "characters read the fanfic" trope, but this one didn't squick. Instead I laughed and giggled at the (can you still call it 'epistolary' if it's) email.

Next Up: Many more megabytes of Sherlock BBC fanfic

And when I'm not on a bus, I have Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson (audio read by Alison Larkin) which claims to consider kitchen tools and gadgets from the beginning of history and their impacts on how we cook. Perhaps the mystery of the vegetable slicer will be unveiled?

And when I want to hold an actual book in my hand, I've got How To Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers. I'm not really at all Buddhist (or even JewBu), but I want to read this book in honor of my acupuncturist Kate Behrens. She surely is a Buddhist, and has improved my life greatly. Easier first step than joining a meditation community.
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So I'm trying this out, and the first thing I can't understand is one can browse but not search? Huh?

Fortunately, where there's a need there's often a website, in this case:

Instantwatcher which works on the web and with apps and all sorts of good stuff. Log in to Netflix first, and you can stream from Instantwatcher's results.
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Still closing in on the writing deadline, still hating every minute of it.

Having read glowing reports on the Olympics opening ceremony, I did some Googling on how to let the BBC I-Player know that I'm actually visiting their site from the UK.

TunnelBear is a VPN utility (Windows/Mac) with exactly two settings: "on/off" and "US/UK". In other words, I didn't need to know squat about VPN to use it, and that's very fine. Free download; free use up to 500 MB/month (or 1 Gig if you Twitter about it); unlimited for US$5/month. Worked a treat!

So when I wasn't writing today I got to view the opening ceremony, which was delightful. If TV ain't your thing (I didn't see how to set captions on the I-Player), there's a parallel literary experience from the ceremony's designers, aimed at non-British journalists, the folks who won't know Isambard Kingdom Brunel from J.K.Rowling.
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I was delighted by the remarkable story in the NYTimes today about modular/prefab bridge building. A steel-concrete bridge that customarily required two years of road and rail closures was fixed in a weekend.
link to story and video )

Our lovely Madison-based book group, [community profile] beer_marmalade, recently read China Miéville's YA book, Un Lun Dun. I was disappointed. )

Luckily for me, [personal profile] kestrell recommended a perfect palate cleanser: Boris Starling's VISIBILITY. Highly recommended! )
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It's easy to think "it won't happen to me."

Somehow my system files were corrupted, and I couldn't use the standard tools to fix them. And I couldn't open and close my files, cause the system files were corrupted.

NO PROBLEM because I regularly back up my computer. I keep Time Machine hissing away for an incremental backup, and I have a weekly backup as well that's bootable. When things went south, I booted from my external drive, installed the system again, restored anything that was missing and went back to avoiding writing.

You, too, can be casual when you regularly back up your data. The first time it happened it was 1992 and I panicked. Since then I've been a backup junkie, and I've been glad of it five times.

Didn't even figure it out myself, just used Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac
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One of my favorite fic writers, [personal profile] runpunkrun, has now produced some vital non-fic:

Google's corporate motto "don't be evil" has now been simplified to the much more concise "be evil"

Xe's done the legwork, folks, and it's not pretty. In particular, Google wants to consolidate your YouTube identity with your Google Mail identity. If you wish to keep your fannish and RL pursuits separate, follow the link and learn the steps to take.
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The Teleread Blog aggregates all sorts of useful news on ereaders, epublishing, e this and e that.

From the source:
Eleven free stories by Philip K Dick

To librarians:
Self-service iPad checkout for libraries

To the consumer:
eReader Interactive Database Comes on Line
This last is an awesome tool with 128 devices and selectors for screen kind, size, OS, price etc.

To assistive technology (YAY)
Switch-based Access to Three Kindle Models

Here's the RSS feed I made and added to my reading list (long form).

To add Teleread to your daily inhale, visit that link and then choose subscribe from the navigation bar on top.
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Three years ago, an excellent photog took a series of four photos:
He matched one half of the classical building on the back of US money with the actual building on a sunny DC day. The pix have gone viral a number of times, including this past week on Google+. Nothing makes me happier than sharing cool photos and giving props to the original creator, Brendan McKeon.

Google Plus -> thoughts.
  • integrates many useful bits into one home screen: sites, gmail, cloud photo mgmt
    "stream" flows like Twitter or Facebook but with fewer visual annoyances
    and many more.

  • Will probably increase the rates Google can charge for its ads.

  • Very vague about the Real Name vs Stable Psued vs Spam Factory issue.

  • last week I have demonstrated to myself (and unlucky others)
    that I reliably read social cues in email
    I attain 80% of my intentions in threaded discussions
    I don't even succeed fifty percent of the time for Twitter or chat

  • Last thing I need are more real time social media activities.

  • Will probably add G+ to the mothball repository with Facebook, LinkedIn no longer working
  • Twitter is seductive. Writers'-block issues destroyed by char limit; often offers illusion that I'm reading the minds of folks I like and admire.

  • Any thoughts?


    Jul. 5th, 2011 08:01 pm
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    More brain candy: Archive of the Daily Chart, a blog devoted to infographics near and far at the Economist. Tasty!

    Dinking around with Google Plus. an A/C sport. )
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    Our current home entertainment system is cobbled from three decades worth of high tech, and the edges are starting to fray. Right now I have almost a dozen individual pieces, and I'd like to downsize in replacemnt. All the streaming gizmos -- Apple TV, Roku, Boxee -- do some of what I want.

    My Ideal Magic Box would
    bring internet in on coaxial cable
    provide internet programming to the HDTV via Ethernet
    create a wifi signal for the house
    play music CDs and DVDs (Bluray if it's required)
    provide an over-the-air FM/AM tuner
    connect to a bunch of speakers

    How come the sort of tools I found at Netflix "streaming hardware list" never include a wi-fi router?
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    I've been so proud of my careful backup strategy, alternating complete backups between two 1TB drives, plus selective agglomerating backups to disk images on the drive. But still, my laptop was getting sort of full, and therefore all my programs were operating slowly. (OS X swaps files in and out of memory in big fat chunks, but my hard drive was only offering small skinny chunks as destinations.)


    I grabbed a nice free utility called Grand Perspective, which provides an overview of file size and disposition. Clearly my movies were the easiest to address; they were principally fandom downloads. Around 150 vids and then around a dozen less-known not-available-on-DVD gems like Thoughtcrimes and Buried on Sunday.  So I carefully moved all those files to one of my big drives.

    And ever so inadvertently erased them all in the past week. * sigh *


    Should I attempt to snag them again, or could this be the start of letting go of my hoarding nature?

    Both of those movies are worth watching, BTW. The first stars Navi Rawat as a visionary telepath (backed up by a goofy Joe Flanigan, which is why I originally downloaded it). The second stars Nova Scotia, plus a young, smooth Paul Gross, as well as the usual postage stamp of Canadian-actor bingo. It's funny and sad at the same time: the fishery collapse was in sight, but not yet a reality.

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    FireFox 3.x has an add-in called EPub reader, which adds the ability to read, browse and (to some extent) modifying the display of text distributed in the rapidly-becoming-a-standard format for electronic books.

    I'm installing it now and will report on its efficacy: read the informative overview at my favorite Macintosh publication, TidBITS.
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    My system default web browser is FireFox (+ NoSquint, + AdBlock, + Colorful Tabs, + Greasemonkey).

    Since I like to stress websites (and challenging my muscle memory) I also use Safari, Chrome, OmniWeb, and iCab.

    Apple just released Safari 5, which, like Google's Chrome, supports extensions. Unfortunately, there is no centralized storehouse of add-ons like FireFox has.

    However, this Safari Extensions Tumblr will certainly let me know when a central Safari extension depot becomes available.
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    ...keep arriving as my sister sifts through 60 years of photographs from my dead father's study. Including this one from my high school computer club, taken sometime between 1971 and 1972.
    STEM poster child in 1971
    I have zero memory of the shot and have lost the names of my colleagues. It seems I was a poster child for non-traditional STEM involvement even back then. I do remember doing data entry on that nasty terminal as we interacted with a PDP-something, which was also the school's administrative machine. (There was no video screen, folks, just a 40-character all-caps readout on flimsy yellow paper. We punched the programs via holes in a paper tape and then fed them into the terminal to run them. I don't remember any way to correct the paper tape. At least the tape eliminated the heartbreak when one dropped a deck of punch cards.)

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