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We're finally into the vacation spirit, doing almost nothing and feeling the bliss.

Sunday I rolled to the Gulf Coast YMCA branch. The water was deliciously warm at 85°. I neglected to bring my flippers, so only swam 8 lengths in my allotted time, but that's why I exercise to time, not distance.

The pool may be filled with filtered sea water: it's certainly soft enough.

I streamed the first half hour of the final Sherlock to my massive disappointment. As always, [ profile] plaidadder nails it

begin quote
I think that I may fairly make two postulata:
  • 1) Whatever about series 5, this episode was designed to be the last episode of Sherlock that Moffat and Gatiss would make.
  • 2) It should be.
end quote

We walked over Mississippi Sound on the 2 mile bridge connecting Biloxi and Ocean Springs. The view, the sun, the breeze, were exhilarating. My traditional direct attention to the water photo memorializes one stop:

Sitting on the walkway, framed by intense blue sky, woman in powerchair points to Mississippi Sound )

Home to nap, and finish The Final Problem. Wow, that was terrible. (As with most Sherlock canon, there were a handful of wonderful moments, but...thank god for fanfic. I heartily recommend all of [ profile] plaidadder's.)

We then drove back to Biloxi to assess what was where. The beachside road is furnished with a wide array of architecture: brick Waffle Houses; massive casinos; 1940s apartment buildings; humble 900 sq ft shotgun houses, Frank Gehry's typically bizarre Ohr-O'Keefe Museum, and the Biloxi Visitor's Center, a majestic three-story former mansion.

In my brief time here, I've seen scores of historical markers, displays, websites, pamphlets. Based solely on the ones I've seen, the only people on the Gulf Coast have been the immigrant waves of French, English, Spanish, and "Americans." Africans aren't mentioned anywhere. This is what it looks like to be written out of the narrative.

The third Monday in January has officially been "Robert E Lee's Birthday" in Mississippi, until this year. Twitter shaming played a part in the Biloxi City Council voting unanimously to bring the holiday in line with the Federal designation of Martin Luther King's Birthday.

We finished our day with a promising but ultimately dull meal at Mosaic. MyGuy liked his pulled-pork quesadilla. My ceviche & rice-stuffed portobello was tasty, but not enough to write home about, although I seem to have done so.

Time to swim!

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We've got lots of grocery stores in Madison; many deliver; all sell beer because Wisconsin; some are within ready walking distance of our hotels; all are on bus lines or cheap cab ride away (we do have Uber here).

If you need to keep costs down, in addition to the free food in the Con Suite, many groceries offered prepared food & deli. I've noted those which offer catering if you're hosting a party.

From nearest to farthest away...

Triangle Market
corner store with mostly snacks but some food and cheeses.
2 blocks away
302 State St
open 24 hours.

Extensive & expensive cheese market, with wine & crackers
2-1/2 blocks away (same block as Inn on the Park)
12 South Carroll
Open 10am - 6pm

Capitol Centre Market
Smaller city grocery
3.5 blocks away
111 N. Broom St, Madison
Open 24 hours, online ordering & delivery

Madison Fresh Market
Smaller city grocery, catering & delivery.
6+ blocks away, 0.6 miles
703 University (at Corner of Lake St.)
6am to midnight, 7 days/week
Online ordering & delivery

Willy St Coop
Member-owned coop, small, full-line, non-members pay 20% markup but reciprocity if you are member of any other food coop. Delicious prep food inc., vegan & GF as well as carnivorous options.
2.0 miles away
1201 Williamson
7:30am - 9:30 pm
Online ordering, catering, & delivery

Copps Grocery
Full line, cheaper, small deli, two locations:
1312 S Park St
7am - 10pm
2.1 miles away

3650 University Ave (catty-corner from Metcalf's)
6am - 11pm
3.5 miles away

Metcalfe's Sentry
Full line, upscale, prepared foods, flowers, "natural foods"
3.5 miles away
726 N Midvale (in Hilldale Mall, corner of University & Midvale Aves)
6am to midnight, 7 days/week
Online ordering & delivery

Woodman's first "warehouse" store in Wisconsin, lowest prices in town, many "ethnic" foods
3817 Milwaukee St
24 hours/day
4.7 miles away

Full line with lots of prepared food & "natural foods"
5.5 miles away
3801 East Washington Avenue
24 hours/day
Catering & delivery
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Recently Finished: Two winning science-y books

Too Big To Know by David Weinberger. For a very long time, human knowledge was what fit on paper (no mention of oral cultures). Now the Net removes the requirements of publishing contracts, printing limits, salability. Everybody can be a publisher. And so, there's a whole lot of knowledge; so much that it's ... Too Big To Know.

Author brings lots of Internet, journalism, and librarian experience to the question of, "How will we know what to learn?" Challenging, intriguing, probably 30 ways wrong but very enjoyable.

Delusions of Gender by Cornelia Fine. Stacks up the various studies that claim that male and female differences are hardwired into the human organism, and demolishes them one-by-one. Author is funny, provides tons of footnoted details, doesn't mention some statistical issues that even statistically-illiterate me think relevant. Nothing so delicious as the deconstruction of Simon Baron-Cohen.

Currently Reading: Many megabytes of Sherlock BBC fanfic

I prefer my works not-in-progress, and several of my fave authors have finished up novel-length narratives. In particular:

The Art of Seduction by [ profile] flawedamythyst
Sherlock maintains his intense focus on data and experiments, but the field is human sexual congress. Hilarious with tender and sad bits. Also lots and lots and lots and lots of sex, which ends with Sherlock emitting yet another "Dull!" and swirling away.

Not What Is Said But What Is Whispered by [ profile] sirona
It's the good old "characters read the fanfic" trope, but this one didn't squick. Instead I laughed and giggled at the (can you still call it 'epistolary' if it's) email.

Next Up: Many more megabytes of Sherlock BBC fanfic

And when I'm not on a bus, I have Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson (audio read by Alison Larkin) which claims to consider kitchen tools and gadgets from the beginning of history and their impacts on how we cook. Perhaps the mystery of the vegetable slicer will be unveiled?

And when I want to hold an actual book in my hand, I've got How To Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers. I'm not really at all Buddhist (or even JewBu), but I want to read this book in honor of my acupuncturist Kate Behrens. She surely is a Buddhist, and has improved my life greatly. Easier first step than joining a meditation community.
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This place, right here:

OK close your eyes and imagine a lovely long lake surrounded by pines and birches, with a coppery tang to the water due to metals in the soil. I tried to paste in or link to a map but that was 30 minutes ago and I clearly need a vacation.

So, that's where I'm going tomorrow for two weeks. Catch you on the flip side!
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This from the NYTimes blogger Tara Parker-Pope "On Health"
begin quote  [... snip ...] you will gain a new appreciation for the hidden potential of boiled food after reading the new book “An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace,” by the chef and food writer Tamar Adler. Placing a pot of water on a hot burner allows us to “do more good cooking than we know,” she writes.

Ms. Adler waits for a rapid boil and adds surprisingly large handfuls of salt, tasting until it’s reminiscent of ocean water. (People concerned about sodium can use less.) From that simple starting point, several meals can be created, from pasta adorned with gently cooked vegetables to a chicken, simmered and skimmed, cut up and served with a fresh salsa verde. The chicken leaves behind yet another flavorful dish: richly flavored broth, to be eaten hot with vegetables or added to other dishes the rest of the week.
 quote ends

My initial reaction is Horror! Horror! I want my veg as crisp and fresh as possible. On the other hand, when it comes to lasting a week and still being wholesome and tasty, a properly cooked veg has a much better chance than a raw one, especially midwinter when the raw veg have already travelled a continent to our tables.

Because this is the 21st century, the author has a site at
and I think any of us who hope to make nutritious with less effort can learn something from skimming her book.
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The weather was lovely, and we took The Lucy for a 20-minute romp in the dog park. I walked, too.

After that we were feeling quite lazy, so we went to one of our favorite restaurants:

The Kennedy Manor Dining Room & Bar

More geographic & gastronomic details )

If you had just the opposite sort of day, here's a link for when you just can't take it anymore.
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I crowd-sourced dinner tonight, and I learned quite a bit:
  • Many interesting things to do with chard, which should keep us happily eating until the kale is done
  • Ginger's popularity is spreading across the continent
  • If I want to generate comments to a post, I should make a catchy title, ask a simple question in an arena where many people have opinions and experience
  • I was seduced by the quick response on Google+, but a late entrant was the final choice.
For the completists, here's what we ate:

1/2 pound ground round
plus two scallions
— sauted with olive oil to brown

half a package of rice vermicelli, soaked in hot water for ten minutes, drained, divided in two bowls.

2/3 pound chard, washed and sliced into shards
5 small portabella mushrooms sliced thickly
— nuked together in a glass dish for 1:45
— swirled into the frying pan

Tamari added to taste on the table. Quite tasty; probably not as good as many of your suggestions, but they are being noted.

The big advantage to this recipe is MyGuy did all the prep so I could nap in the living room.
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So, I've got a lot of nice chard, a little lacinato kale, plus standard pantry vegetables.

I'm celiac, so my starches trends away from standard pasta and more to quinoa or amaranth or rice noodles. No cheese because we can't achieve bipartisan dairy in this house.

Then I've got a fridge full of tasty carnivorous protein units, which can stand on their own.

How could I layer the chard with some starch? What sort of sauce might be doable?
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Spring is desperately crawling up from the gutters, and this may be why I'm feeling hopeful.

I ate bacon in bacon sauce )

I took the Ada Initiative Census (link expired) and it really was just five minutes. If you care about women in open source technology, no matter your gender nor day job, add your voice.

*Moules et frites is the first. Brasserie V is, sadly, a 15 minute drive from the WisCon hotel, but gee willikers the food is great. (Even though I can't eat most of it, due to the wheat and barley, what's left if worth the trip.)

Uh oh, time for me to sign off. Anon!
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s.e.smith's blog, this ain't livin' hits it out of the park on ethical considerations of the Ashley X treatment )
Great Icons )
Wheee more Esteefee fanfic! )

Great bouillion )

Michelle Alexander truly celebrating MLKJr Day )

Hoping to be back, minus a few pounds, later this week.
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but probably on its way across the country. These restaurants don't need no stinking menus, because they only serve one meal.
begin quote  One two-block stretch of Spring Street has a creperie, a café dedicated to chocolate cake — a Portuguese transplant called the Best Chocolate Cake in the World — and even a business, Rice to Riches, that has managed to thrive since 2003 on rice pudding alone. quote ends

I can't find a decent rice pudding (although I did see something tempting on my droll).
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[personal profile] were_duck came over with some CSA share and cooked a fabulously healing meal. Pineapple sage sauteed in olive until it glowed like a stainglass window plus around 10 cloves of garlic dressing gentled seared pork tenderloin. And then two more courses because duck is just awesome that way.

MyGuy continues to heal, although the post-operative eye is still dilated (ten days after).

Finished True Blood S2. Godric is awesome; the actor who plays Jason is also awesome; otherwise the perfect accompaniment to AC and popcorn.

Napping with my lovely Lucy on the couch this afternoon: We both woke up suddenish when MyGuy came home. I looked up to the ceiling across which there was a plague of red ants spilling down the skylights. (This is why long-term relationships are good. "Hey, are there red ants running around on the ceiling?" "No dear, I don't see them.")

After the red ants' presence was denied and dismissed, I went for a drive in the car. The last time I drove was 1991. After MyGuy's health scare, I wanted to know if I could really drive in an emergency. The answer seems to be, "yes." We're going to do a few more turns around a local, failing, mall which comes with largely empty lot. I'm not yet ready to handle interstate at 50mph in a snowstorm -- or Chicago or Boston, ever -- but I'm equal parts pleased and terrified.
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Read fascinating column from Ta-Nehisi Coates riffing on the social positioning of obesity and its parallels to the ubiquity of racism.

Life without father becomes more familiar.

Watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony on TiVo (what a fabbo invention). I love the First Nations art and dance but it feels completely appropriative and wrong.

Excellent Chinese New Year party with old friend who has re-entered my life.

Big fun with [personal profile] were_duck, including a lunch so attractive it belongs on an Olympic flag. (Too hungry for pix, again.)

Loud & rowdy book group re The Sparrow.

Conjoined twins, only one of whom wishes to be a country singer?
Meet George & Lori Chapelle
(In other words: no performance art from able-bodied poseurs, Ms Palmer, real life is strange enough.)

See also Twin Falls, Idaho.

Worked with [personal profile] sasha_feather today on our disability-themed presentations for the MBLGTACC conference this weekend. We're feeling confident. If any dwirclets have experience with a Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Trans & Allies College Conference, please share on what to expect.

Better News

Feb. 4th, 2010 06:00 pm
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Both e. coli and ampicillin are in the house.

Borscht is bubbling on the stove.

Life is possible!
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Good bye & good riddance to 2009. The best part of the year was spending time with fangirls; the worst was spending time with myself.

Onward and upward! [personal profile] were_duck came over today so we cooked. Baked latkes—a combo of sweet potato, Yukon gold potato & zuchinni—very tasty. But oil is the point of latkes, and they would have been tastier fried in lots of it. Any excuse to top something with pineapple salsa is outstanding, and for sheer perversity the accompanying sauteed pork tenderloin in sesame oil couldn't be beat.

Dessert was gluten free double chocolate biscotti. They were super tasty, and I'll post the recipe after I try a few adjustments to make the texture correct. I was pleased that a recipe with no eggs and no oil could somehow hang together: it's the magic of almond meal!

(Too hungry to take pix.)
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This may very well be my lasting legacy ... I'm immodestly proud of how tasty it is.

2 teaspoons cumin seeds, toasted until just fragrant in a dry pan (30 to 90 seconds)
0.5 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon sugar
1.5 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
4 tablespoons lime juice
2 tablespoons sesame oil
Ginger syrup (see below)

Except where noted all the ingredients are steamed until tender
1 cup raisins
6 medium carrots
Chop the tender top off each carrot; grate these tips, mix with raisins, set aside
Quarter the denser carrot bottoms lengthwise then slice in 0.25 inch bits
1 cup whole pearl onions, whole
3 medium beets, peeled, quartered & sliced same as carrots
1 cup shelled edamame (young soy beans)
Toss the steamed vegetables in a large bowl, mixing in the raw grated carrot and raisins
Combine the dressing ingredients in a jar, shake like crazy, then toss with the salad.

Refrigerate for a minimum of 3 hours (it tastes even better on the fourth day if you can resist its call that long.)
Ginger Syrup

4 tablespoons water
3 tablespoons sugar
LOTS of fresh ginger: for 6 servings I used a slice 1.5 inches diameter and .25 inch high, peeled and sliced very thin

mix  and simmer around 5 minutes

VARIATIONS: replace the beets with two more carrots. Sugar snap or snow peas add some green. Radishes could zing things up considerably. If you're not a ginger fan, you can saute up to 4 cloves of garlic in the sesame oil before mixing up the dressing.
Very Loosely Based on a NYTimes Style Section Recipe from the Late 1980s.
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Great creative thinking at work over at cripchick's blog re: all the programmatic elements of accessiblity

I'm kvelling re [personal profile] coffeeandink's Ablism: Comment policy clarification. I think the ground is being made ready to address some of the deeper issues: interdependence, disability hierarchies, the tyranny of "normal."

MyGuy and I celebrated our 29th anniversary on Sunday night. I'm proud that we've made it so long together, and that we had the good sense to choose each other. There was some accessibility fail at the first restaurant, but I grit my teeth and got some good eats in the end.

Tapas at The Icon: tasty and not that expensive. Marinated Spanish White Anchovies, Marcona Almond Parsley Pesto, with Chocolate Espresso Crema Catalana. And room for popcorn at home later!
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Poll #330 Fundamental WisCon Question
This poll is closed.
Open to: Access List, detailed results viewable to: Access List, participants: 6

I need to know if you're ...

Super Dark >70%
5 (83.3%)

Sorta Dark >50% <70%
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Mango Sorbet instead
1 (16.7%)

Feh, enough about the con already
0 (0.0%)

What do pugilists do in the pedicular circus?

Ticky box
4 (100.0%)

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I had a lovely birthday yesterday. The weather started brisk and refreshing. We took a brief turn in the dog park, and Lucy ate nobody.

MyGuy gave me something I've always wanted: two radio-controlled wall clocks. One presides over the living room with dignity, 16 inch diameter analog clock, black numbers, white face, honey oak frame while the other pours a steady data stream 18 by 12 inch digital clock showing time, indoor and outdoor temps, moon phase and date over the dining room table. Knowing the exact time makes me very happy.

As do prime numbers. Therefore I hope my 53rd year will be full of glee.

The first time MyGuy and I went out on a date was on my birthday in 1977. We married for love, and it's still in evidence. We napped in a bed with fresh sheets, and strolled out in the honey sunlight of a 70° afternoon.

I very slowly climbed the twenty-two steps to l'Étoile, which is rumored to be one of the best restaurants in the U.S.A. Frankly, I was disappointed.

Can she really whine about fancy food? )

Happily, our local Chocolate Shoppe ice cream is reliably wonderful.

And so, flist, what pins your happy-meter?
[Poll #1255219]
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I got the gastro-intelligence bug. I've ralphed my brains out. Right now, I'm only capable of publishing links

Benjamin Rosenberg's best-possible lemonade-from-lemons WisCon32 report:

There was a major zombie outbreak while I was at Wiscon, the world's leading feminist science fiction convention, this past weekend. [...]
There were zombie-free zones for those who wanted a break from the zombies, and zombie-only space where zombies could get together to discuss their experiences. There were shambling and pursuing rights-of-way, marked off in blue tape on the party floor (which also had plastic laid down for easy cleaning of any infected blood). There were panels (ably organized at the last minute by the Programming committee) on "How to be a good zombie ally", "Brain-eating: negotiating consent", and " 'Graaaains!': Vegan zombies and ecological sustainability".

Oh, go read the whole thing!

According to the NYTimes, The Claim: Drinking Flat Soda Can Ease an Upset Stomach:

[... snipped ...] It is not often that a soft drink is seen as medicinal. But when it comes to stomach distress, many people view a cup of flat soda as just what the doctor ordered. [...]
But research shows that may not be a great idea. [...]
The soft drinks, the authors found, not only contained very low amounts of potassium, sodium and other electrolytes, but also in some cases as much as seven times the glucose recommended by the World Health Organization for rehydration.
Flat soda, a popular remedy for upset stomach, may do more harm than good.

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