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Thanks to a [personal profile] liv-triggered happy rabbit-hole I just read Marissa Lingen's fabulous post illuminating why most people find the experience of impairment so mystifying.


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After reading Ursula K. Le Guin's essay on the election, I was, for a few moments, able to breathe deep and focus on the long view. I recommend it to all, especially the anxious & paranoid:

begin quote
My song for many years was We Shall Overcome. I will always love that song, what it says and the people who have sung it, with whom I marched singing. But I can’t march now, and I can’t sing it any longer.

My song is Ain’t Gonna Study War No More.

Though we’ve had some great scholars of peace, such as Martin Luther King, studying it is something Americans have done very little of.

The way of the warrior admits no positive alternatives to fighting, only negatives — inertia, passivity, surrender. Talk of “waging peace” is mere glibness, you can’t be aggressively peaceful. Reducing positive action to fighting against or fighting for, we have not looked at the possibility of other forms of action.

end quote

Thanks to [personal profile] sonia for the link.

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Making a Point: The Persnickety Story of English Punctuation

David Crystal5 of 5 )

I'd appreciate knowing what you mean when you deploy the swung-dash (~) character?

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In 2nd grade art class, we were tasked with "draw anything you like." I made an uppercase letter A. The teacher complained, "that isn't art." With my typical modesty, I claimed "Yes it is!"
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It's a free site that steps web-naive designers through enough HTML & CSS to understand initial constraints
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On my sidebar you'll find more than 140 fanfic recs for BBC's Sherlock fanfic. I loved ACD Sherlock Holmes growing up, and I clearly like Sherlock fic now. It's the perfect show in that regard: it's often called the first fandom to be ficced, and the showrunners excel at episodes that need fixing.

The most recent example is the New Year Special: The Abominable Bride. You can read the entire show thanks to [ profile] arianedevere's loving transcripts:

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Another Fandom Rescue by Plaid Adder )
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...after I spend a couple days reorganizing all the music files on my Mac.

iDAMN iHATE iTunes

(I'd somehow created dup music folders. Good thing I only have ~2000 songs or my poor drive would have keeled. If you use a Mac and ever have to delete more than 50 iTunes duplicates, do yourself a favor and spend $8 for Dupin Lite 2 from this Apple store link.)

It's like Apple's software division has no overall UX chief. Almost every bit of software is uniquely annoying. If you use an Apple device, what's the software you hate most right now?

(Can I have Eudora back?) Speaking of which, recognize my icon?
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I love many fics in the Sherlock BBC fandom. Check out the links in my left column for hundreds, as well as the few, the proud, the "must read."

I just reread the two parts of the Watches 'verse, and my it is tasty. details inside )
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Sherlock and the Hair-Trigger Arsehole, posted anon on the Archive of Our Own, is grotesque to the extreme. The nonnies who posted have no sense of decency nor propriety, but wow they made me laugh.
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John in empty rooms with empty faces. An excellent post-Reichenbach constructed-reality vid to Vienna Tang’s 1BR/1BA ... but title is Sherlocked to be 22)1BR/1BA. . [ profile] purplefringe matches the violins in the music to that tall violinist in canon, and I couldn’t watch without crying.
Made by [ profile] jmoriartyx aka Whitney. The scary approach/avoidance relationship between Sherlock and Moriarity set to the catchiest damn song of this summer, Call me maybe. Expert, AMV-level lip-synching.
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Newborn History is [personal profile] trillingstar's heartbreaking and insightful look at SGA Ronon's tattoo and its meanings.

Just 1550 words, but each one is a gem. Read it now!
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Which is more than a year old, so let me rouse the behind-the-times-brigade in support of Sleep Dealer. Made on a shoestring and deeply influenced by fannish tropes. Virtual undocumented workers — cybraceros — plugin all over the global south to take care of the the North's dirty work via robots. Most political movie I've seen in a long time, a much-needed injection of venceremos!
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Barb Johnson's fiction debut is a series of linked stories set in early 21stC New Orleans. More of This World or Maybe Another tells the neighborhood stories from a canal town and how these school kids reconnect as neighbors in Mid-City New Orleans. (It's available in paper and as an ebook from Kobo, an ePUB only bookstore.) it's delicious and challenging and thrilling. )
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I've been reading SGA for two years now, and I guess that means I'm "in the fandom."

Oh, the places it takes me!

Places I didn't even know existed. Like this sweet, funny, punny, ethical, sexy, thought-provoking story called "Kidentity" from an anonymous kink meme. Contains underage sex: Rodney's current personality & cognition is handwaved into the body of a 12-year-old.

Since it's anon, I don't know who to thank. Anon claims to be new to SGA fandom; augurs well. If, like me, you didn't know that what you really needed was an anon kink_meme, visit this Delicious node to browse for more.

Or not.

And in gloomy news: In order to keep Lucy from leaping up to maintain her customary broadcast re: neighborhood doings, we've closed all the blinds at her eye level. Also makes for darkness in the house. I'm glum. She's really glum. We do a potty run on a leash; otherwise she doesn't even lift her head when we come into the room. I don't know if she's emanating depression or I'm reading it, or both. Can't wait until we can start letting her be a dog again.
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Just Netflixed a wonderful movie, The Beaches of Agnès by Agnès Varda. For every media fan wanting to exercise your brain, her work is delightful. She's been taking still pictures and movies in the heart of French avant garde since 1950. She is a pool shark with a camera, playing all the anglers. This movie is an introspective, dream-like, retrospective of her youth, her influences, her triumphs, her age (she's in her 80s), some name-dropping, an elegy to Jacques Demy, and three rainbow's worth of colors. Also, many beaches on many oceans. I was entranced.

There's a YouTube trailer
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Just finished Joe Sacco's Palestine, graphic non-fiction about Intifada I. As with all his work, the narrative is honestly brutal and the drawings squirm with detail. I wholeheartedly recommend all his "comic books" (his preferred term). At Mother Jones, when he talks about his latest, Footnotes in Gaza, he explains why graphic non-fiction can sometimes tell a story better than words alone:
 begin quote  But one of the advantages of comics is that you're drawing frame after frame after frame, so almost in the background scenes you can create this atmosphere that's following the reader around, that doesn't necessarily relate to the foreground action but is somehow always present. For example, the way the buildings look—I can show that over and over again in the background, so in some ways I think you can really put the reader in that place, just with all these repeated images. If there's mud in the background, you can show that in every frame, so the mud is following the reader around. If you're a prose writer, really what you're doing is just mentioning it once, you're not going to keep mentioning it ever few lines—"and by the way, it was really muddy." So it's this constant reminder of what the place looks like. quote ends 
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It's the behind-the-scenes producer/director/inciter play-by-play for One Night Fandoms, last year's amazing Yuletide vid set to "Angel of the Morning." There are frame-by-frame analyses, interrogations of racism, and line-by-line quotes from highly computer-mediated conversations (parallel torrenting, vid making, and chatting). I laughed, I cried, I went "huh!":
(11:14:39 AM) twings: you thought we were X crazy
(11:14:44 AM) twings: turns out we're X +7 crazy
Go, discover how a vid is made, how community is nurtured, how brains are shared, how [personal profile] eruthros and [personal profile] thingswithwings gave each other and all of us 3:53 of zen & glee.
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Season 2, Episode 1 of This American Life/TV is called "Escape." It's the best 30 minutes of documentary TV I've ever seen.

The first story is quite brief and, unusually for this show, told solely through pictures and first person narration. It's the surprising tale of urban cowboys: young people whose beautiful horses step proudly along Philadelphia sidewalks until they reach a huge park. There the horses and riders pound down the turf.

The second story introduces us to Mike Phillips, a 27-year-old blogger who has muscular dystrophy. At the time of filming, he can move his facial muscles and one thumb. He had a recent emergency tracheotomy which prevents him from speaking, so he uses a voice synthesizer program to speak.

Remarkably, this story is not about bravery, overcoming, or any other standard disability narrative. It's about families, independence, finding love and freedom via Craigslist. Mike's been able to stay out of a nursing home mainly because his mother has slept by his bedside for most of his life, ready to reconnect any of his life support systems when they fail. Partly thanks to talking about his life via email and in person with the This American Life documentary crew, he's hired his first personal care attendant; he hopes to use Medicaid waivers to eventually move out on his own.

Check Mike's blog, My Whole Expansive I Cannot See, for his thoughts on the process of making the documentary. A nice photo of Mike and his sweetie, Sara, is featured in this pretty good "human interest" piece from his hometown paper, the St Petersburg [FL] Times

This American Life's Escape episode is viewable for a limited (but unknown) time as a teaser on the U.S. Showtime network. (You have to sit through three minutes of commercials first; although the DVD is captioned, the online stream is not.) It's also available from iTunes and Blockbuster, but neither have captions. Grrr.
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So, fanfic is pretty cool, but fanfic poetry is awesome.

Here's The Love Song of S Ray Kowalski, a totally-in-character Fraser/RayK post-CotW fic that just so happens to be an hilarious send-up of T.S. Elliot's moody muggle, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Open that sucker up in another tab, so you can appreciate what a great job [ profile] metaphoracle did.

So I squeed about this to [ profile] were_duck, and she kindly pointed me to an even more meta poem. "Searching" by [ profile] linabean recreates that lost feeling one has when seeking help on a ficfinders/recfinders community, in this case Stargate: Atlantis.

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Hamlet: A Graphic Adaptation by Neil Babra is wonderful! Shakespeare's play is a great horror story, and Babra's drawings truly complement and support the text—check out these samples .

This "No Fear Shakespeare" graphic novel is part of Buns & Noodle's SparkNotes study guide empire, so almost half of the play is restated in "everyday English." Babra wisely restored much of the most understandable original. I've seen & read the play several times, and I still learned things—especially because this edition is entire, with none of the cuts made for most productions.

While anyone interested in Hamlet will love this graphic novel, I particularly commend it as a gateway drug for first-time Shakespeare readers.

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