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We're finally into the vacation spirit, doing almost nothing and feeling the bliss.

Sunday I rolled to the Gulf Coast YMCA branch. The water was deliciously warm at 85°. I neglected to bring my flippers, so only swam 8 lengths in my allotted time, but that's why I exercise to time, not distance.

The pool may be filled with filtered sea water: it's certainly soft enough.

I streamed the first half hour of the final Sherlock to my massive disappointment. As always, [ profile] plaidadder nails it

begin quote
I think that I may fairly make two postulata:
  • 1) Whatever about series 5, this episode was designed to be the last episode of Sherlock that Moffat and Gatiss would make.
  • 2) It should be.
end quote

We walked over Mississippi Sound on the 2 mile bridge connecting Biloxi and Ocean Springs. The view, the sun, the breeze, were exhilarating. My traditional direct attention to the water photo memorializes one stop:

Sitting on the walkway, framed by intense blue sky, woman in powerchair points to Mississippi Sound )

Home to nap, and finish The Final Problem. Wow, that was terrible. (As with most Sherlock canon, there were a handful of wonderful moments, but...thank god for fanfic. I heartily recommend all of [ profile] plaidadder's.)

We then drove back to Biloxi to assess what was where. The beachside road is furnished with a wide array of architecture: brick Waffle Houses; massive casinos; 1940s apartment buildings; humble 900 sq ft shotgun houses, Frank Gehry's typically bizarre Ohr-O'Keefe Museum, and the Biloxi Visitor's Center, a majestic three-story former mansion.

In my brief time here, I've seen scores of historical markers, displays, websites, pamphlets. Based solely on the ones I've seen, the only people on the Gulf Coast have been the immigrant waves of French, English, Spanish, and "Americans." Africans aren't mentioned anywhere. This is what it looks like to be written out of the narrative.

The third Monday in January has officially been "Robert E Lee's Birthday" in Mississippi, until this year. Twitter shaming played a part in the Biloxi City Council voting unanimously to bring the holiday in line with the Federal designation of Martin Luther King's Birthday.

We finished our day with a promising but ultimately dull meal at Mosaic. MyGuy liked his pulled-pork quesadilla. My ceviche & rice-stuffed portobello was tasty, but not enough to write home about, although I seem to have done so.

Time to swim!

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Dave Hingsburger speaks to my experience as a wheelchair user who can also walk. He relates being called names by a neighbor who finds him walking the hall:
How Dave Handled It )from Rolling Around In My Head: Wall Walker

I've only encountered direct confrontation a few times. But even after 23 years using a powerchair, I still hear a vile inner voice, saying "you're just not trying hard enough, if you were in better shape you'd use your rolling walker everywhere." My experience )
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This question has popped up many times in the last few years. Obamacare encourages "wellness programs," employer-sponsored activities which some disabled people simply can't do. So what's the law?
quote begins
There is a new conflict in town: employer-sponsored wellness programs and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). On several occasions the EEOC has sued employers for allegedly forcing compulsory and intrusive wellness programs aimed to improve the general health of employees. Is there a possible compromise for employers to foster employee wellness while avoiding unlawful medical inquiries?
quote ends

You can hear an expert lawyer's understanding and pose questions
November 18, 2015 2:00pm to 3:30pm eastern time
Use this link to register

The regional ADA centers provide "webinars" open to all on many topics. Archives here:

signal boosts welcome
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Some of my favorites since the last time it was cold (because it will be cold again soon).

—Kaoru Mori4 of 5 )
Swimming Studies—Leanne Shapton 4 of 5 )
Good Kings, Bad Kings—Susan Nussbaum 4 of 5 )
Fading Scars—Corbett Joan O'Toole4 of 5 )
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Alien spore entered my body when I was young. In my teens, it blossomed, crawled out and sunk its pincers into my shoulders. I've been carrying it ever since. This "alien baby"[1] may be easier to recognize as my atypical bodymind, where the goulash of pain and limitation resides.alien psych insights )
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SO, in the long term, we're thinking of moving someplace where there is No Snow.

SO, in the short-term, we want to explore those no-snow places for two-week (or more) vacations November - March. We don't need to stay in a fancy hotel (or rental vacation zone) because we'd probably be living in a house in town, not on the beach.

We do want to be somewhere where I can swim and MyGuy can cycle/golf and we can wander around together and enjoy being outside. I like water, but can cope with inland lakes (see: current location), seashores, large rivers.

The other minimal critical specifications:
  • Good air quality

  • At least three hours of sunlight every day: no month-long monsoons

  • Sidewalks or ubiquitous bike paths or traffic so low I can go in the street

  • Public-access pool (it could be a private health club, but I can join).

  • [ETA to clarify what I need re: sunlight.]
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So back on Valentine's Day I talked up my new exercise-and-meditation routine. I embraced the possibility of strengthening my muscles, increasing my aerobic capacity, smoothing out my moods.

In the past two months I've realized not all are possible. One stroke forward, one stroke back, one nose full of choking chlorine )
Make those weasels laugh! I had tripped myself, yet again. But I also reset the timer for 21 minutes, and maybe I'll spend a year just enjoying the swimming as I'm doing it. Lose the aspirational nonsense for a while, let the pool be a place I go and let go, flow, float, flutter, and visit with my gym-sisters.
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I hinted back on the 3rd, that I'd begun two self-improvement programs. The jinx is off one of them. I think it's one reason I've been feeling much less depressed and cranky and I've had fewer headaches, and I want to share and boast.

So That's Me, Dunked )

(Yes, it's chlorinated. I've given up soap and shampoo; I apply Aveeno lotion after I rinse off; and MyGuy generously buzzed off most of my hair.)
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  • The basic, eternal joys of Rhinelander: the clear cold lake ringed with conifers and birches. Eagles and loons and deer and (maybe) a cougar. Excellent, copious simple food. Constant reading except when we're napping or strolling around outdoors. MyGuy takes Lucy out on the rails-to-trails, where she frantically follows new smells. Barb and I (when awake) discuss what's happened the previous year, with commentary informed by our forty-year friendship.

  • Fate sent me a remission to coincide with my vacation! One day I walked in town, swam, and still was able to make dinner. This is more than twice what I'm accustomed to accomplishing, and I was truly thrilled. Just realized there was a direct pain/fatigue tradeoff. Still worth it.

  • Five More Lovely Things )
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I had one of those encounters in the weeks before WisCon. I want to record it for posterity, and I welcome your thoughts as well.
What she said, what I did and didn't say )
The ideal response is not having it matter it all. Not surprisingly, Dave Hingsburger's recent entry explores what it's like when we can really not care. Dave Hingsburger's recent entry explores what it's like when we can really not care. )
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The forecast was "1 − 3 inches" but the reality seemed more like 4.5. At any rate, I dragged my butt, late, spinning and swerving, to the bus stop. After ten minutes I called to see what was up. Nothing firm was promised, so I backtracked two blocks to another line. The bus arrived and was dropping the ramp when I realized I was stuck. I wasn't going to be able to move out of the ramp's way.

Then something so pleasant and organized and positive happened!

I waved the driver on; one of the descending passengers asked if she could help. Oh yes she could indeed. I gave her the "bullet" for helping-on-snow ) and she followed every instruction. After the first try, a guy stopped by and started grabbing for the handle and telling me what was wrong with my wheels. I let him know, calmly, "I've been driving this thing for twenty years so I'm pretty familiar with this situation." He did the universal sign of "no harm, no foul" (backing up and rotating his upper arms so his hands were head-high, palm out) and wandered away.

So Stephanie (we traded names later) gave me just the right traction and I was free of the now-icy bus stop.
"How will you get home?" she asked.
I said, not really knowing, "Oh, I'll figure it out somehow."
She replied, "I live just here (pointing nearby), can I accompany you home?"
I got a clue and realized that a) she was exhibiting all the signs of a sensible person and b) if I got stuck away from the main street I'd be really stuck.
So we s/trolled down to where I could see my tracks, and waved goodbye.

So that was truly good news.

Why can't I swim to the pool?
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This place, right here:

OK close your eyes and imagine a lovely long lake surrounded by pines and birches, with a coppery tang to the water due to metals in the soil. I tried to paste in or link to a map but that was 30 minutes ago and I clearly need a vacation.

So, that's where I'm going tomorrow for two weeks. Catch you on the flip side!
jesse_the_k: Swim fins which are also high heels. (swimmer deluxe) thrilled & chilled. The latter in particular when the world temp is 98 and the pool temp is 83. But why attempt to explain it when I can show you this:
ideal athlete in air and water )Olia Burtaev of the Australian Synchronized Swimming Team. Chris Hyde of Getty Images got this shot as she posed during a portrait session at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on July 13, 2012 on the Gold Coast, Australia.
jesse_the_k: Swim fins which are also high heels. (swimmer deluxe)
Wow I love swimming. splish splash )

Jesse Walks! )

So Sherlock BBC fandom has eaten my brain. chomp chump DVD details )
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gawked from [personal profile] general_jinjur

1. jesse_the_k
2. jesse
3. sport (only MyGuy gets to use it)

1. Compression hose
2. computer glasses
3. my first pair of Carharrt jeans, and wow are they comfy

1. Brain-powered computer data entry
2. Stereovision
3. The end of this headache

The meme will find you if you need it.

1. Swam 10 laps
2. Medalled in the horizontal olympics
3. Spent five hours in a row online

1. & 2. Tax customer service people about their wicked incomprehensible online forms
3. Magic Bonnie.

1. Complete proofing the WisCon souvenir book
2. Swim 9 or 10 laps.
3. Finish NK Jemison's Ten Thousand Kingdoms for the [ profile] beer_marmalade bookclub

1. Rishi's Mint Maghreb tea
2. Cocoa from the Mermaid Café
3. Fresh lemonade with fresh mint

1. Being able to electronically proofread a PDF. Not as fast as red pen, yet, but infinitely more portable.
2. Rusty & Boots, red & black mutts full of adolescent energy at the dog park
3. Overhead cranes (no, the ones that fly and make a sound like rusting machinery)
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I usually swim 35 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays: keeping to a rigid schedule is important in managing my mental health. Last week I was still feeling pretty slow, feverish, coughing. I skipped my Wednesday and Friday swim but went Saturday. Then Saturday & Sunday I was an antimacassar. I slept most of Monday. Tuesday I went to get puncted and the ever-helpful [info - personal] sasha_feather drove me home where I slept some more. Yesterday was a 100% bathrobe day. I was able to swim this morning, and it felt great! On the bus home I read this: From "Intimate Enemies," Jennifer Berger, p 157 in Body Outlaws, Seal Press, 2000:
begin quote  In the war with my body, we have become intimate enemies. My body is my own, although it betrays me without mercy. I live with it and take care of it. My body talks to me. I have a talent in knowing exactly when I need to sleep, when I need to eat, when to stop the stress of research papers and exams. I'm so in touch with my body that I sleep when I should be writing those papers. I don't have less energy than others; I'm simply more aware that I'm running down before I actually run myself down. I have been given the gift of self-awareness, an awareness that other people I know haven't developed as much. quote ends
Yeah for reframing!

I wasn't being a lazy git for the past while; I was being an expert in body management! EDITED to fix the block quote markup from presentational to semantic, cause I'm an obsessive like that.

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