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Mar. 13th, 2017 07:08 pm
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It's 7:08 Central Daylight Time. The ~4inches of snow are still reflecting brightly through our windows. I have survived another winter. Hooray. What's your favorite winter memory?
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For our someplace-warmer Winter trip this year, we've picked the Florida Panhandle.

Tell me: where should we go?
possibilities & requirements )
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I'm looking for a DVD/CD player which decodes the old-style, line 21, white-on-black closed captions. (Not the SDH subtitles chosen from a disk menu.) I've read rumors that the PS3 provides this feature. Run this simple test to confirm the rumor )
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SO, in the long term, we're thinking of moving someplace where there is No Snow.

SO, in the short-term, we want to explore those no-snow places for two-week (or more) vacations November - March. We don't need to stay in a fancy hotel (or rental vacation zone) because we'd probably be living in a house in town, not on the beach.

We do want to be somewhere where I can swim and MyGuy can cycle/golf and we can wander around together and enjoy being outside. I like water, but can cope with inland lakes (see: current location), seashores, large rivers.

The other minimal critical specifications:
  • Good air quality

  • At least three hours of sunlight every day: no month-long monsoons

  • Sidewalks or ubiquitous bike paths or traffic so low I can go in the street

  • Public-access pool (it could be a private health club, but I can join).

  • [ETA to clarify what I need re: sunlight.]
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Someone in my dwircle asked for financial help last month.

I paid them via PayPal, but they haven't "claimed" it yet.

Chances are excellent that I typed their email address wrong.

I do know I sent the money on 19 July.

Is there a way I could search DW for "any post by someone in my network on July 17 which includes the term 'donation' and 'signal'"? (I'd then repeat the search for Jul 18 and 19.)
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Apologies if you've been looking at my journal this afternoon.

I have been cluelessly dinking around with the styles, attempting to make it look the way I want.

I have no wizzywig editor, and NO IDEA what I'm doing.

If any reader cared to hold my hand on this, I would be exceptionally grateful.

/diving back down the rabbit hole.
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This is a meta post. I have something to sell that's not the tiniest bit geographically related (thus no Craigslist). I'd love it if you could poke this link and tell me about any errors or confusing bits or questions you have.

Now, on to the thing I'm selling.

Know anyone who does close work? Beader, engraver, needlepointer, scrimshander, dentist, miniature terrazzo layer? I'm selling a set of CraftOptics telescopes with DreamBeam LED light. These enable great working comfort while saving eyestrain. $600US new, $375 shipped within US.

Full details here:

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"Supplements" are substances which we can use like drugs. In the U.S. and Canada, supplements are not regulated for purity or efficacy: we must trust the suppliers to ensure these important qualities. When I started using them, my pharmacist was also learning about supplements, and we spoke at length about this issue. She claimed to have researched the best manufacturers. She chose (and therefore I used) "Nature's Bounty."

Supplements have been part of my treatment plan for a long time: they include fish oils, vitamin D3, mysterious Chinese herbs compounded by my acupuncturist, cranberry powder, and a magnesium/riboflavin/feverfew tab called Migrelief (which really relieves my migraines). I've periodically tested their efficacy by stopping, assessing, and restarting them. They help. If that difference is founded on the placebo effect, I don't care.

Last month I had an experience which jerked me out of that happy place.
I mentioned to my p-doc that I was having trouble staying asleep. She suggested I try melatonin. I asked how much; she said, "knowing you, start small." I was pleased to find a liquid version with a marked dropper so I began with 0.25 mg equivalent. And that was enough! Lovely stuff: easy sleepiness within 20 minutes, stayed asleep with energetic and creative dreams, woke refreshed 8 hours later.

When I traveled the following week, I forgot my liquid melatonin. I went to a health food store and discovered the smallest tablet was 1mg, four times as large. I was able to halve it without totally crumbly results, so I thought I'd sleep like a lamb at twice my previous dose. But no—ZERO effect. Was this due to dosing sublingually versus through my digestive system? I kept doubling the pill dose with no result. When I made it home, I was taking 5mg (the typical dose available) with no pleasant sleep. Switched back to 0.25 liquid and slipped into the ocean like a sleepy seal.

The moral of the story: I don't know if a supplement isn't working because it's not effective in my body, or because there's not enough, or not even any, of the active ingredient in the bottle I bought.

And then this week, propinquity! A fascinating article in BioMedCentral:
DNA barcoding detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products
Newmaster, Grguric, Shanmughanandhan, Ramalingam and Ragupathy

It provides extensive detail on how unreliable supplement labels can be, from a Canadian group with zero ties to the supplement production industry.

So, supplement users, how do you ensure their quality?
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We've been using a hodge-podge of modern and "classic" technology for AV and it died. )

Anyone reading interested in guiding me through this decision, or pointing me to a helpful user-run forum where these issues are discussed?
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Well then. The deadline for programming submissions is Saturday! Saturday! Saturday as in day-after-tomorrow. I have some sketchy ideas which need fleshing out. Open up your brain and let the thoughts pour out.

Each idea has its own thread. I've got sketches — WisCon need 800-character submissions.

ETA all threads frozen, all ideas submitted, thank you very much for playing!
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Boston-area librarian, also SF and comics enthusiast, working at "HUL", ponders the details of tattooing his personal call number on his spine.

Worth a look, as Tara the Internet Librarian used to say.

Am actually beginning to recover from WisCon. At this rate, I will be capable of joining a party with 950 of my closest friends in around one year.

Any readers have wisdom on region free (aka region 0) DVD players?
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I know I'm an athlete cause I've got the foot fungus to prove it. After I shower, I dry the space between my toes with a hairdryer.

I've abandoned antifungal powders because they trigger asthma attacks.

I've used both Tolnafate 1% and Clotrimazole 1% cream, applied very generously.

I do wear the same wooly bed socks for three or four nights in a row, and I've been known to wear my compression knee-high hose two days running (they're a lot easier to put on the second day).

Thank you for any suggestions which may occur to you!
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Hi! My name is Jesse and I don't learn so well anymore.

I've managed to create a playable DVD from sourced video files using Apple's free iDVD software, but it's frustrating and takes me hours every time. Yes, even the "one step" DVDs. What can I say? I grew up on command line (but have forgotten all the relevant details).

Can you recommend me software which:

1. Creates DVDs which hold more than one 700Mb program

2. Operates in a straightforward manner

Things I really don't care about:

1. Ripping programming from other DVDs

2. Styling the DVD menu controls or background
jesse_the_k: Bitmapped "dogcow" was subject of Apple's Knowledge Base 13, and appeared in many OS9 print dialogs (dogcow)
I'm testing a multi-site, multi-network Skype call and I'm dubious. If you're willing to be skyped by me, kindly leave a screened message with your Skype address/handle/nym? Our conversations will be secret forever.

I've just purchased a NIFTY new utility for my Macintosh trackpad. Among other wonders, it puts off having to think about switching to Lion for a while.

It's called JITouch. It adds scores (literally) of new gestures to any Mac application, with either the trackpad or the magic mouse.

My favorite is the "pegged" gesture. Hold one finger on the trackpad, and then tap another — left down switches one tab right; right down switches one tab left. And of course you can redefine as needed. They have a downloadable trial.

Many more gestures than Lion. I've been using Macs since 1985 and I never upgrade to a new version until at least the dot-three release, that is, 10.7.3. I'm happy at 10.6.8 right now.
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I crowd-sourced dinner tonight, and I learned quite a bit:
  • Many interesting things to do with chard, which should keep us happily eating until the kale is done
  • Ginger's popularity is spreading across the continent
  • If I want to generate comments to a post, I should make a catchy title, ask a simple question in an arena where many people have opinions and experience
  • I was seduced by the quick response on Google+, but a late entrant was the final choice.
For the completists, here's what we ate:

1/2 pound ground round
plus two scallions
— sauted with olive oil to brown

half a package of rice vermicelli, soaked in hot water for ten minutes, drained, divided in two bowls.

2/3 pound chard, washed and sliced into shards
5 small portabella mushrooms sliced thickly
— nuked together in a glass dish for 1:45
— swirled into the frying pan

Tamari added to taste on the table. Quite tasty; probably not as good as many of your suggestions, but they are being noted.

The big advantage to this recipe is MyGuy did all the prep so I could nap in the living room.
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So, I've got a lot of nice chard, a little lacinato kale, plus standard pantry vegetables.

I'm celiac, so my starches trends away from standard pasta and more to quinoa or amaranth or rice noodles. No cheese because we can't achieve bipartisan dairy in this house.

Then I've got a fridge full of tasty carnivorous protein units, which can stand on their own.

How could I layer the chard with some starch? What sort of sauce might be doable?
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Our current home entertainment system is cobbled from three decades worth of high tech, and the edges are starting to fray. Right now I have almost a dozen individual pieces, and I'd like to downsize in replacemnt. All the streaming gizmos -- Apple TV, Roku, Boxee -- do some of what I want.

My Ideal Magic Box would
bring internet in on coaxial cable
provide internet programming to the HDTV via Ethernet
create a wifi signal for the house
play music CDs and DVDs (Bluray if it's required)
provide an over-the-air FM/AM tuner
connect to a bunch of speakers

How come the sort of tools I found at Netflix "streaming hardware list" never include a wi-fi router?

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