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Around a year ago, I remember reading a great round-table about using dialect in sf writing. One writer's work was turned down because dialect writing is "too hard" for default audiences.

It was linked around, as well.

Can you remember what site that was?
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This comes from the useful and accessible VisionAware site. Although it's aimed at folks who are beginning to deal with vision loss, this essay applies to all of us, since we're either elders or speakers-to-elders.

Taste of a great 1500-word essay )

I so wish to transplant this understanding into the minds of all the folks who care for MyGuy's mom, age 92. She worked so hard for the dignity of women, and now she's spoken to like a four year old.
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While yet unable to write of myself, or others, or reading or whatever of genuine interest, I have been reading the net like a turtle trapped at the base of a waterfall. So I can still fling links with the best of them:

Join me in being educated by "Jubilation," a new blog about life as a therapist with mental illness.

Here the blogger meditates on the stereotyped bright, tall wall between "professionals who help" and "those people."
Myth of Them and Us )

That drug doesn't do what you think it does )
Argh, that was a particularly rich article and hard to excerpt; if you or anyone you know deals with an "orphan disease," it's useful reading.

All pet owners know that terrible feeling, when their loved one is laid low and something important is missing. They ate what? )

Turns out there are little words which tie us together. But not those three little words )

I have learned a lot from reading other people's experience of living with chronic pain. Every one of us develops idiosyncratic coping methods. I've borrowed some, and admired many.
Riese's Eloquent Discourse on Constant Pain )

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